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Vincent Brogan

Doctor NHS Advocate

Dr Brogan originally trained and worked as a General Practitioner in Ireland. He has a particular interest in the management of addiction and has worked with hard drug addicts and alcoholics. He has full smoking cessation NCSCT certification and works in this area.
He is a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of London(91) and has spent several years working in this speciality.
He is also Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London and writes on medical issues and healthcare economics. He supports integration of cost effective specialist care into the primary care setting to improve patient access. He is a strong supporter of the NHS.
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Binge Drinking and a Minimum Price for Alcohol

Ironically, the 'hard drugs' we warn our children about before they hit the town kill far fewer people than alcohol or nicotine, substances which pose bigger threats to their long term health.
27/11/2012 17:31 GMT

Quitting Smoking: Traps that Stop you Succeeding

Before you stop you need to take smoking triggers into account and avoid the more dangerous ones after quitting. Consider listing the times, places and situations where you enjoyed or felt the need to smoke in the past. Plan a diversion like taking up exercise.
14/11/2012 17:09 GMT

How To Quit Smoking: Start With The Facts

A 20 a day cigarette smoker takes about 200 individual puffs in total, each representing a single nicotine 'hit' for the brain's reward centre. Doing this day in day out for years has consequences. Addiction is one.
29/10/2012 18:14 GMT

Private Healthcare and the 'New' NHS

What is wrong with our health service that such a radical overhaul is needed? Is it that broke? News another seriously ill patient has been transferred from a private to a public hospital for treatment says something about standards of care in the NHS.
25/09/2012 18:41 BST

Universal Credit and Disability Allowance Controversy

A scheme to get claimants off long term disability back to work is turning into something of a PR nightmare for the government. The sight of disabled protesters and their growing number of supporters taking to the streets, after a widely acclaimed Paralympics, is one it might wish to avoid.
13/09/2012 01:00 BST