'Cat Versus Human' Illustrations Perfectly Summarise What It's Like To Live With Cats

Cats are terrors, but we love them anyway 😻

04/08/2016 13:00 BST

Cats are fickle creatures, one moment they’re heading towards you for a fuss, the next they’ve spotted a spider, leaving you in the lurch. 

Illustrator Yasmin Surovec, from Phoenix, USA, has three cats and a dog. One day she decided to chronicle the daily musings of being a cat owner.

“I’ve always loved cats and I’ve always had them since I was a child,” she tells The Huffington Post UK. “I’ve been working as an illustrator for quite a while, so making comics about everyday living with cats just made sense.” 

Whether you’re trying to give your cat affection and they just don’t want to know, or you need to get things done and they’re all over you, here are eight illustrations that are all too familiar for cat owners.

When you try to pet your cat...

Cat Versus Human


Or play...

Cat Versus Human


Or tickle its belly...

Cat Versus Human


And it just doesn’t want you to.

Cat Versus Human


But then you need to do stuff...

Cat Versus Human


Have some alone time...

Cat Versus Human


Or time alone with someone else...

Cat Versus Human


And all of a sudden it wants the limelight.

Cat Versus Human

You’ll never win. 

See more illustrations on the Cat Versus Human website or visit Yasmin’s Facebook page.

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