‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Rob Mallard Declares Daniel Barlow ‘Could Be A Killer’

'He’s petulant and unable to deal with his own emotions... a dangerous combination.'

22/02/2017 12:38

Rob Mallard has made a bold claim about his ‘Coronation Street’ character Daniel Barlow, revealing just how low he thinks he could sink.

In recent weeks, Daniel’s dark side has surfaced a few times - as Chesney found out the hard way - and Rob has now admitted that he thinks his on-screen alter-ego could be capable of committing some terrible deeds.

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We've seen glimmers of Daniel's violent side 
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Daniel and Sinead are in for a shock next week 

The character is currently at the centre of a romance storyline with Sinead Tinker, but the new couple are in for a shock next week, when Sinead discovers that she’s pregnant.

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