Eight Things To Avoid Over Christmas When Pregnant

21/11/2017 10:44 GMT

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Whether you are in the early stages or the late stages of pregnancy around Christmas time there are a few things you should avoid. I will list the these alongside good alternatives so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. For more information, blogs and contact visit Marie Louise Maternity

1)Soft cheese

It can be hard when the Christmas cheese board is on its way around and you’re tempted to just have a little bit of that wedge of brie… even a little bit can be risky so go for the harder cheeses such as cheddar, Jarlsberg or Swiss cheese. Make sure you’ve got those other options available, if you’re with family or heading to a work do remind them in advance so you don’t miss out. Sometimes people don’t know or think of it.


I know you are already aware of this but you may not be aware of the delicious mocktails you can get around Christmas! I know I wasn’t until I became a midwife. Some of the non-alcoholic drinks taste much nicer and you can really enjoy the Christmas flavours of cinnamon sticks, dried orange, red grape juice, brown sugar and cloves. There’s a simple virgin mulled wine recipe there. Enjoy!


Oysters, prawns and mussels are off the menu for now but smoked salmon (as long as it hasn’t been sat on a table/buffet for a while) is fine to tuck into.

4)Cured meats

Such as parma ham and salami. These aren’t cooked and pose a risk of toxoplasmosis which can affect the development of your baby. Cooked meats and left over cold turkey is fine, as long as it’s been refrigerated and consumed within 2 days.


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You should be careful with your caffeine intake anyway but it can be a bit harder over the festive period, while everyone is drinking after dinner you may resort to a coffee to both keep you awake and avoid missing out. I know it seems boring but if you’re tired then just break away early. Your body is telling you it needs rest and with all the additional stimulation around Christmas, the extra thoughts, planning, presents, parties, it can all be a little overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to put you and your body first. No one will think differently of you.


As above, there’s a lot of stimulation around Christmas. Stress is very difficult to avoid but start planning for things in advance or have a laid back Christmas and don’t put too much emphasis on it this year. Be selective with your diary and don’t say yes to every invite as you may then feel obliged to go or guilty for bailing. Say you’ll check your diary and if you feel like cozying up on the sofa with Christmas films. Indulge in that! If you are finding it difficult to manage your stress and planning for Christmas then mediate for 20 minutes each day. It’s important to manage stress in pregnancy as research also shows that women exposed to high stress levels over a longer period of time grow smaller babies and are at an increased risk of premature delivery. Mediation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and improve focus, you can do it for free a home. There are plenty of videos on sound cloud to take advantage of.

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7)Being Host

Try and go out or to a friend’s/family member’s house for Christmas. You won’t have to worry about the preparation of the dining table, putting up extra decorations, washing up and all the clearing up that comes with it…enjoy being catered for.


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It’s usually really busy with people carrying big bags/boxes. You don’t want to be in the middle of that with all your shopping bags and bump so do it online from your sofa in plenty of time so you can send things back that aren’t suitable.

Note: new guidelines state pregnant women can now eat soft-boiled or runny eggs as long as they have The British Lion mark.

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