Google's April Fools Is A Brilliant Lesson In Self-Mockery

'Beyond virtual reality.'

01/04/2016 10:27

Google has perfected its April Fool's Day offering with its latest "virtual reality headset," Google Cardboard Plastic

In a YouTube video, Google said: "What we really wanted to do is make something feel real and so this is the first headset for actual reality." 

The advert also explains how the goggles work with all apps, is waterproof, offers 20/20 resolution, has 360 audio and an analogue clock. What more could you want? 

Google's Cardboard Plastic 

While the headset probably reminds us of science experiments in school, Google sold the brilliant prank as tech that is "beyond virtual reality."

Google Cardboard Plastic

The Internet played along and YouTuber users weighed in with their thoughts:

Google Cardboard Plastic
Google Cardboard Plastic
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