26 February 2017

Video Game Players Are Actually Going To Help Us Find New Planets

CCP Games

Fasting Diet Could Reverse Diabetes By Regenerating Pancreas, Study Suggests

Fertnig via Getty Images

Five HIV Patients Have Been Left 'Virus Free' And With No Need For Daily Drugs

cgtoolbox via Getty Images

We're One Step Closer To Curing The Common Cold

elenaleonova via Getty Images

A Mysterious Blob Has Washed Up A Beach In The Philippines

Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy

Uber Sent This Message About Its Sexual Harassment Claims To Some Users Who Deleted Their Account

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Horizon Zero Dawn Review: The End Of The World Is A Beautiful Thing

Guerrilla Games

This Flame-Throwing Drone Has An Incredible Job

Peoples Daily

Astronomers Discover The Brightest, Furthest Pulsar In the Universe


In Just Five Years New York Has Grown Its Solar Power By Almost 800%

Bloomberg via Getty Images

NASA Exoplanet Discovery: Can These Planets Really Contain Alien Life?


New Footage Reveals Crack In Antarctica Is Now As Wide As The Shard Is High

Greenpeace Greenpeace / Reuters

Take A 360-Degree Tour Of The New Planets That Could Be Hosting Life


NASA Has Discovered Seven Earth-Like Planets Orbiting A Single Nearby Star


UK Boss Of Shell Hits Out At Donald Trump's 'Disappointing' Stance On Clean Energy


Instagram Now Lets You Post Multiple Photos: Here's How You Use It

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Apple's Stunning Spaceship Campus Will Officially Open In April

Noah Berger / Reuters

EE Want To Use Helium Balloons To Bring 4G To Rural Communities


NASA May Have Found Evidence Of Mysterious Dark Matter In The Andromeda Galaxy

Ho New / Reuters

India Has Begun Drilling For Its Underwater Bullet Train

KYODO Kyodo / Reuters

Woman Finds Lost iPhone, Takes Her Minutes To Discover Everything About Its Owner

Wachiwit via Getty Images

Living In A City Is Ruining Your Sense Of Smell

Toby Melville / Reuters