25 November 2015

Someone Has Spotted A 'UFO' Near The Top Secret Area 51 Military Base


This Is Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Charge Their Gadgets Under Their Pillow

Facebook/Dwayne Blanchard

Fifth Person Arrested Over TalkTalk Cyber Attack Probe

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Watch This 15-Year-Old Genius Give The Ultimate Explanation Of Einstein's E=MC2

Getty Images

Think You're Clever? Try Answering 10 Ridiculously Hard Questions About Relativity


Google Hasn't A Clue Who The Labour Leader Is


7 Incredible Quotes By Einstein That Sum Up Relativity, Religion And Real-Life


UK Security Minister 'Grateful' To Anonymous For Hacking Isis


Who is Lucy the Australopithecus? Solving The Mystery Of Today's Google Doodle

Tim Boyle via Getty Images

Remain Calm, The PS4 Will Soon Be Able To Play Your Favourite PS2 Classics

Jesse Jesse Wild/Edge Magazine

A 'Military Strength' Laser Almost Blinded A BA Pilot While He Was Flying


Own A Fitbit? Your Fitness Tracker Is Getting Smarter Without You Having To Do A Thing

JC Olivera via Getty Images

Mars Could Become A Ringed Planet After Destroying Its Own Moon Phobos

Stocktrek Images

Domino's Just Made Ordering Pizza Dangerously Simple

Dominos Pizza

There's Never Been A Better Time To Buy A PS4

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Black Friday Is The Best Time To Get An Xbox One, Here's Why...

Ted S. Warren/AP
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Star Wars Will Transform Your Google Apps To Either The Light Or The Dark Side


Russia Has Finally Found A Proper Use For Selfie Sticks, Self-Defence

Vanni Bassetti via Getty Images

So Lie-Ins At The Weekend Are Bad For Your Health. Soz

Shutterstock / VGstockstudio

The Essex Boy Who'll Be The First British Muslim In Space Is Dedicating His Trip To People With Mental Health Problems


Alien Experts Think They Finally Have Proof Of UFOs With This Strange Image


This Epic Video Explains Space Travel In A Language We Can All Understand

Minute Physics