31 October 2014

Gadgets Are the Only Gift Worth Giving This Xmas

Let's tech the halls and rediscover the meaning of this Holiday Season: syncing cables, account passwords, software updates and blinking screens in the pews at midnight mass. Because the only gift worth giving this year has a USB charging port.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is 'Proud To Be Gay'

Tim Cooke
Bloomberg via Getty Images

NASA Rocket Explodes After Liftoff


B&O's First Bluetooth Speaker Has Style And Substance

Beoplay A2
B&O Play

REVIEW: Civilization... In Space!


Parallel Universes 'Exist And Interact' Says Landmark Study

Detlev van Ravenswaay via Getty Images

Mystery Drones Are Flying Over French Power Stations

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google Fined For 'Street View' Boob Pics


Stop Everything. This Father And Son Just Won Halloween.

Imgur/Ryan Bowen

Best Dad In The World Wins Halloween For His Son


'Ban Tim Cook For Life' Says Anti-Gay Russian MP

Bloomberg via Getty Images

New App Terrifies You Into Getting Fitter


Occupy HK Has Been Going So Long It's On Google Maps


A Virus Hidden In A Lake Is Affecting Our Brains

B.Aa. Sætrenes via Getty Images

Getting A Tattoo Removed Looks Like Hell

Smarter Every Day

'Ghost Galaxies' Discovered In Deepest Regions Of Space


NASA Finally Has Some Good News


Assassin's Creed: WW2!


This Game Is Utterly Relentless

Insomniac Games
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Bowers & Wilkins Upgrades The Fleet. Here's What's New.

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