2 October 2014
Design Innovation 2014
The 2014 T3 Awards are almost here. Check out the nominees for the Design Innovation Award (and some of the coolest products of the year in their own right) here.

Apple, U2 And The Importance Of Letting Us Choose Which Music To Subjectively Despise

Music is subjective. It is deeply personal. And this is why the Apple-U2 debacle is so weird. Because it feels like Apple forgot how important this stuff actually is.

Adorably Confused Pug Shouts 'Help' When Confronted With An iPad


Windows Is Changing (Again) And This Is What's New


'Megaflare' Erupts With The Power Of 10,000 Suns

Mmdi via Getty Images

Billionaire Wants To Put A Million People On Mars

Mars One

Windows 10 Will Transform Your Tablet


13 Ancient Websites That Somehow Still Exist

Space Jam

Officially 'Dangerous'

Ian Gavan via Getty Images

#GapGate? No, Samsung's New Phone Is 'Meant' To Have A Hole In


Apple Could Be Bringing Gold To The iPad

Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

This Owl Has No Idea What To Do With An iPhone

kuu owl

China Searches 10,000 Pigeon Anuses For Bombs

ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

This Is What It's Like To Use The Apple Watch

LOIC VENANCE via Getty Images

Windows 10 Won't Be Out For A Really Long Time


The UK Is Running Out Of Phone Numbers

Computer Virus 'Spying On The Hong Kong Protests'


NASA Puts Human Spaceflight On Hold Again

'Ello' Is Not Exactly Filled With Celebs Right Now...


If Only Indiana Jones Had A Giant Laser

Stephen Walford via Getty Images
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