25 May 2015

Dating Site Hack Reveals Over 4 MILLION People's Sexual Fantasies

Adult Friend Finder

This Fiery UFO Is The Strangest Russian Video Yet

Weird Sky Formation Perm Russia

Human Race Prepares For Potential Apocalypse As Mysterious Reddit 'Button' Hits Zero

Reddit Button

Danny Boyle's Worried About Facebook And Says You Should Be Too

Danny Boyle
Christian Palma/AP

Rare Pictures Reveal The 'Aliens' Living At The Bottom Of Our Oceans

Tara Expedition

Give Your Eyes A Superhuman Upgrade With These Bionic Contact Lenses

Bionic Lens
Canadian Press/REX

Someone Just Set The Best World Record Ever On A Genuine Hoverboard

Hoverboard 1
Guinness Book of World Records

Alton Towers Is Offering Quite Simply The Greatest Job In The World

Chad Slattery via Getty Images

Guy's Peaceful Paddle Boarding Session Interrupted By Bitey Killer Whale

YouTube/iprode qotok

Nothing To See Here, Just Some BOMBPROOF Wallpaper

Bombproof Wallpaper
YouTube/Popular Science

Rockstar Sues BBC Over Controversial "Grand Theft Auto" TV Show


Your Body Contains 'Serial Killer' Cells That Can Destroy Cancer Like This

Watch The US Navy's Terrifying New Weapon Cut Through Steel Like Butter

Us Navy Railgun
BAE Systems

Watching 3D Films Can Actually Make You Smarter

Brain Function

Brad Bird Reveals What Made Steve Jobs Stand Out From Even His Smartest Peers

Steve Jobs

Never Do A Sing-A-Long Selfie Stick Video While Driving

Car Selfie Stick Video Goes Wrong
YouTube/Marco Ferro

Google Just Rewrote The Rulebook On Timelapse Videos Using 86 MILLION Images

Google/University of Washington

There's A Building In China That Looks Like The USS Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise
Barcroft via Getty Images

This iPod Click Wheel Keyboard Is Stupid But So Nostalgic

Ipod Click Wheel
YouTube/diffractive - b3ll

This Is What Taking A Selfie Every Day For 16 Years Looks Like

Jk Keller Selfies
JK Keller

A Bus Powered By POO Just Set A Land Speed Record

Poo Bus
Reading Bus

This Incredible Drone Saved People's Lives After A Flood In Texas

Dji Inspire
Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Obama's New Twitter Account Just Smashed A World Record

Barack Obama Cell Phone
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Mysterious Natural Phenomenon Transforms Beach Into Stunning 'Alien World'

Glowing Beach
Blackpaw Photography

KFC's Ridiculous New Gadget Encourages Awful Table Manners

Tray Typer

LG's Astonishing "Wallpaper TV" Is So Thin You Can PEEL It Off The Wall

Lg Flexible Tv

Want To Find Out What "Love" Feels Like? Science Says Get Drunk

Drinking Alcohol
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The Amazing New Stormtroopers In "Star Wars" Were Inspired By A Certain Tech Company...


This "Rubbish" Phone Can Actually Make You A Better Person

The Light Phone
The Light Phone

L'Oreal's Plan To 3D Print Human Skin Couldn't Be More Creepy If It Tried

deyangeorgiev via Getty Images

Apple Watch Review: It's Brilliant, We're Just Using It Wrong

Apple Watch Review

Worrying Discovery Could Let You 'Brew' Heroin Using A Beer-Making Kit

Beer Brewing
Shutterstock / Valentyn Volkov

Robo-Turtle Gets Life-Saving 3D Printed Face After Horrific Injury

Dekamer Sea Turtle Research Rescue And Rehabilita
Dekamer Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehab

What Is *Really* Means If You 'Like' A Facebook Post: An Honest Guide To Social Media Buttons

You Can Now Sync Your Sex Toy With A Real Porn Star

Oculus Rift
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

A Professional Hacker Claims He Took Control Of An Entire Passenger Plane

Aaron Foster via Getty Images

#GirlsWithToys Campaign Proves Once And For All That Women Have A Place In STEM

Tanya Harrison
Tanya Harrison

When We Conquer The Galaxy, This Is The Flag We'll Use

Flag Of Planet Earth

This Guy's Climb Of A Very Tall And Wobbly 'Thing' Is Stomach Churning

James Kingston

This Is The ONLY Way You Should Be Cooking Your Steak

Lava Steak
Syracuse University Lava Project

This Legoland Hotel Is All Of Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Legoland Hotel

A Comet Wiped Out A Really Advanced Civilisation 13,000 Years Ago, Apparently

Graham Hancock

This Is Why You Shouldn't Use A Selfie Stick Next To A Massive Whale

Humpback Whales
Heather MacIntyre

Like Buying Ridiculously Pointless Tat While Drunk? There's An App For That

Drunk Computer
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

This Stunning Image Is A 'Moon Trail' Not An Alien Invasion

Janne Voutilainen
Caters News Agency

Don't Panic But We're Plummeting Towards Another Galaxy

Galaxy Merge
NASA via Getty Images

Watch The First Trailer For The Controversial New 'Steve Jobs' Film

Steve Jobs
Universal Pictures

These Mad Max Monster Motors Will Blow Your Mind

Mad Max Fury Road Cars
Warner Bros

We've Got Bad News: No, Diamonds Aren't Forever

Günay Mutlu via Getty Images

This Incredible Gadget Is The Remote Control For Everything You Own


Someone Has Made Mario Kart A Reality With The Help Of A Jet Engine

Colin Furze Jet Engine Go Kart
Colin Furze/YouTube

Star Trek-Themed Flat Could Be Yours For £70,000... But It Has A Dark Past

Star Trek Flat

The Kickstarter Project That Could Revolutionise How Colour Blind People Watch TV

Ludogorets Liverpool

GoPro Captures Terrifying Close-Up Of A Great White Shark

Great White Shark
Orange County Sheriffs Department

Ofcom Orders BT To Share Its Massive 'Dark Fibre' Network

British Telecom
moodboard via Getty Images

Robots Will Be Our Masters In 100 Years

Orion Pictures

#TheDress Actually Helped Further Science

Blue And White Dress

Scientists Want To Send An Inflatable Aircraft To Venus

Northrop Grumman

How Long Could You Survive On Mars, Naked?

inhauscreative via Getty Images
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Russia Threatens To Block Facebook, Google And Twitter

Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

This Wearable Tech Is Actually Saving Lives


New Programming GCSE To Be Introduced So Students Can Learn How To Create The Next Facebook

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

They Finally Arrested A Nigerian Man Responsible For Email Scams

Fonejacker/Channel 4

Your Home Could Fix Itself Using This New LIVING Material

Ascent Xmedia via Getty Images

Action Video Games Could Come With A Cost Later In Life