23 July 2016

Scientists Just Discovered A Revolutionary Way Of Treating Asthma

Tom Merton via Getty Images

Edward Snowden Has Designed A Phone Case That'll Warn You If You're Being Spied On

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Hackers Could Steal Your iOS/Mac Passwords Using Nothing But A Single Image

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Film Director Oliver Stone Has A Grave Warning For Anyone Who Loves Pokemon Go

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Corning's New Gorilla Glass Smartphone Screen Can Survive A Five-Foot Drop


Tinder Launches Group Dating Feature In UK

gpointstudio via Getty Images

Tinder Users Being Conned Into Paying Over $110 A Month In New Scam

NASA Thinks Alien Life Could Be Found On Two Earth-Sized Planets


If Pokemon Go Was Narrated By David Attenborough It Would Be Even Better


NASA's Got A New Propulsion System And It's Absolutely Bonkers


Working Full-Time Past 40 Could Be Bad For You

Westend61 via Getty Images

Elon Musk Wants Your Tesla To Be A Self-Driving Taxi When You're Not Using It

Bloomberg via Getty Images

You're Not As Kind As You Think You Are, It's All Just Evolution


Cranberries Could Reveal The Solution To Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Mathieu Belanger / Reuters

Musk Now Wants SpaceX To Land Not One, But THREE Rockets Simultaneously

Space X

There's Now A Dating Service For Pokemon Go Lovers

Plume Creative via Getty Images
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June Was The 14 Month In A Row To Break Global Heat Records

Handout . / Reuters

A Simple DNA Test Could Predict How Well Your Child Will Do At School

Photofusion via Getty Images

Twitter's "Blue Tick" Verification Is Open To Anyone, Here's How To Apply


Hummingbirds Have A Truly Incredible Collision Avoidance System

Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

This "Living Hip" Could Make Metal Hip Replacements A Thing Of The Past

Dana Neely via Getty Images

Twitter CEO Addresses Leslie Jones Racist Abuse

Michael Tran via Getty Images