Harry Styles Is Trying To Make Sprouts Happen And People Aren't Feeling It


07/04/2017 13:49 | Updated 07 April 2017

Harry Styles has shared his love of sprouts and it’s gone down like a lead balloon among the anti-cruciferous crowd. 

The singer released his debut solo ‘Sign Of The Times’ today on Radio 1 and took the opportunity to open up about his penchant for the divisive veggies.

When presenter Nick Grimshaw asked the singer how he cooked his sprouts, Styles replied: “I have a couple of different ways: I like putting them in a curry, I like sautéing them.”

He then made the rather bold claim: “I think sprouts are gonna be the new kale.”

Stop trying to make sprouts happen, Harry. 


While some people thought it was a great idea...


Most agreed that sprouts are terrible... 


Some have fallen out of love with Styles because of it...


Others have disowned him completely...


One person even brought a Mean Girls reference into the mix...


Another questioned his controversial use of sprouts in curry. 


Others aired concern for our futures...


Meanwhile Lorna said he’s most definitely wrong.


Judging by the reaction from this lot, sprouts aren’t going to be the new kale anytime soon. Sorry Hazza. 

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