Lourdes 'Lola' Leon Models The Provocatively Named 'Executive S**t Work Skirt' For MadeMe

Following in Madonna's footsteps.

18/08/2017 11:58 BST

Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon looks to have set her sights on becoming as much of a style icon as her mother.

Madonna has repeatedly earned admiration for never shying away from a controversial fashion choice and it seems her 20-year-old daughter will be following in her well-heeled footsteps.

The model, who made her fashion debut for Stella McCartney last year, has posed for streetwear label MadeMe modelling the controversially named “executive slut work skirt”.

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As a brand that prides itself on being made “by girls, for girls,” this name choice seems perfectly picked to provoke and antagonise.

“In the early 90s, a powerful female-first ethos shaped music, clothing, and culture. MadeMe embodies this energy for a new generation,” the brand’s website states.

“With each collection, the brand celebrates these counter-cultural style tribes and the pioneering women who led them.

“Whether taking cues from riot grrrls or ravers, MadeMe always communicates through ideas and interests.”

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MadeMe teased the campaign at the beginning of August by sharing this oddly unsettling video of Leon.

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The collection has a utilitarian style and features work shirts, 90s-style baby tees and beanies.

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The shoot involved Leon, MadeMe founder Erin Magee and photographer Mayan Toledano exploring downtown New York in March.

They created photo ops on apartment rooftops, a jewellery store–meets–hair salon, a dollar store, and even a porn shop. 

“I personally wanted to work with Lola for a long time,” Magee told Vogue.

“I would see her on Instagram a lot and would see the stuff she would wear. It is really close to a MadeMe vibe. She’d wear an old Polo Sport or an old Tommy Hilfiger piece.”

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