Primark Has Launched A 'Love Island' Range And We Predict A Bestseller

*Grabs purse* 👛

10/07/2017 14:00

Primark know what the people want: An entire fashion range dedicated to ‘Love Island’. 

The latest ITV reality show programme to have graced our screens and taken over people’s social lives, is one hot topic, which is why we predict Primark’s new range will be a best seller.

Priced at £6, the T-shirts feature catchphrases from the show - which you’ll either love or hate. 

And the high street retailer has already taken to Twitter confirm how quickly the tees are being snapped up: 

“Wow! These ‘Love Island’ T-shirts have sold out in some stores already. Good news... more coming later this week,” they wrote. 

From T-shirts and tote bags, to socks, Primark has promised that a full collection will be available soon - but for now you can only get your hands on the tees. 

Here are the tees you can pick from in stores across the UK now:

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