Tech Hunters: The Birth Of The TV Revolution

This was the TV that started it all.

06/06/2017 09:12 BST

Television has, probably more than any other medium, changed the human race beyond all recognition.

It fundamentally changed the way we socialise with each other, re-wrote our Saturday evenings and has become one of the the social activities of the last century.

Steve Marcus / Reuters

Televisions today boast millions of pixels capable of displaying moving images at a level of detail that can trick the eye.

The next generation of TVs might be getting bigger but they’re also getting thinner with some screens now thinner than a pencil.

Yet when the TV revolution kicked off there were no pixels, or Google Chromecasts. There was the Bush TV22.

Science & Society Picture Library via Getty Images

More a piece of furniture than a TV, the Bush TV22 was housed within an ornate handmade wooden box and was the first mass market TV for the average consumer.

At the time it was considered a truly next-generation piece of technology and so would have cost £35 in local money or £800 by today’s standards.

To discover just how much of an icon the Bush TV22 really was, Tech Hunters are going right back to where it all began.