Twitter's New Character Limit Has Prompted Some Comedy Responses

This is why we love Twitter.

27/09/2017 11:39 BST

Social media exploded on Tuesday night when Twitter announced it would be doubling the limit of its tweets to 280 characters.

In a lengthy tweet, CEO Jack Dorsey explained the initial 140 character limit was an arbitrary decision in the first place:

Some users have already found they are able to send out longer tweets under the new trial.

But despite Twitter’s insistence that the change would be a good thing, many seemed unconvinced by the change.

And, of course, where there’s unhappiness, there’s often recourse to comedy and sarkiness.

Take it away Twitter!


It’s a real skill


Some got creative

Thank God the Mother of Dragons doesn’t tweet

This person makes a very good point

This joke cropped up rather a lot

See, there *are* some up sides

Others seemed less optimistic

Some pondered quite why Twitter was doing this

Fair point

It really is what kills a good thing

If Ron Swanson had Twitter

In short