New 'Teva X Ugg Hybrid' Shoe Causes Widespread Outrage

'The ugliest thing I've ever seen.'

19/09/2016 18:16 BST

Ugg boots and Teva sandals have been fused together to create some sort of Frankenstein footwear hell.

The new collaboration, called the ‘Teva x Ugg Hybrid’, combines Ugg’s fleecy insides with Teva’s sporty neoprene.

They cost up to £175 and are seriously upsetting shoe fans.

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”Is this a (horrible) joke?,” one Instagram user asked.

“Teva x Uggs collaborate to make the ugliest shoe since cowboy boot flip flops.”

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”These are more offensive than Crocs,” another added.

Other animal lovers are calling out the brand for using sheepskin in the design and are requesting an animal-friendly alternative.

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Vegan or not, we’re with the person that called them: “The ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.”

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