Small Children V Dogs

31/05/2016 11:30 | Updated 31 May 2016

At some point in the future I will introduce you properly to the family mascot; our resident pooch.
He is a disloyal, food stealing, baby waking, neighbour visiting, smelly trip hazard... but for some reason we keep him around.

Baby #1, ignoring the dog
The dog came to live with us a year or so before the toddler was born. As a baby, she was fairly disinterested in him, as he was in her (with the obvious exception of meal times). Since he could first drag himself across the carpet aged around five months however, my second, much more mobile, baby has made it his mission to get to the dog and attempt to poke, torment or grab him. Obviously, I try to discourage this as much as possible. The dog is tolerant, but when all is said and done, he is still a dog.

People who have dogs but no children often refer to them as their fur babies, hairy kids, etc. Although this doesn't bother me in the way it does some people, as a seasoned owner of both I will tell you (in one breath) that the two are absolutely nothing alike and having a dog can in no way prepare you for children. In the next I will concede that, aside from the very obvious (they run around a lot, you have to clean up their poo, feed them, take them to the vets....) there are actually an alarming number of similarities between small children and dogs.
Baby # has always been

fascinated by our canine companions

They beg for food

I'm not sure who is more shameless actually. They'd all happily let me starve.

If that doesn't work, they steal it

No only means no while you aren't there to witness it, apparently.  If you let the baby roam free at toddler group he often comes back with scraps which he has foraged. For the dog, this can mean pinching the kids' food whilst I am momentarily detained, making a cup of tea for example, or taking someone's lunch out of their lunchbox. From within a zipped-up handbag. Sorry about that.