A Norwegian Mother Began Drawing the Funny Side of Parenting, and Landed a Book Deal

25/05/2016 12:21 | Updated 25 May 2016

Jade Nordahl from Norway gained a cult following on Instagram with her hilarious illustrations about being a first-time mother, and captured the nation's hearts so much that she scooped a book deal.

I love feel-good stories like this, and it all started 16 months ago when Jade started drawing these cartoons as a way of finding the funny side of the trials and tribulations of raising her son, Abel.

When I asked her about it, she said, "I realised how therapeutic it was for me to draw humorous versions of those frustrating situations. I thought maybe I can help some other tired mommies and daddies out there, So I started posting my drawings on Instagram, the audience grew, and I got a book deal, yay!"

It's not hard to see why, because these scenes are all scarily recognisable, and her Instagram gallery has almost 150 pictures now. Consider this a warning, you will probably spend a great deal of time browsing it, and it's a chuckle-fest.

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Every morning. Note the steaming cups of coffee on the table.

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That feeling of absolute carnage when you're getting used to a new baby.

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The toddler that climbs into your bed at stupid-o'clock in the morning.

Publikum. Alltid. 👀 #mammaperm #ab_bel #babybjörn

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