Top Tips For Keeping Toddlers, Babies And Dogs Cool

28/05/2017 20:17 BST | Updated 28/05/2017 20:18 BST

In case you hadn't noticed, it's hot! We're in Staffordshire - land locked and uncomfortable for two children (one three-year-old and one four months). I've taken some measures to try to keep the house and everyone in it cool - even the dog!


Here's our top five for keeping you cool or at least slightly less clammy:

Keep your blinds or curtains shut during the day. This keeps the sun from glaring in and allows you to keep the temperature down even with the windows open to 'circulate' the air. I use the term loosely because there's been no breeze here today.

1) Use a UV sun shade tent. We've got a couple of these that usually only come out for our visits to the beach but popping them up in the garden can help to protect your little ones from too much sun and keep them in the shade.

2) Get in the water. We brought a paddling pool (just a cheap one but there are some fan-dangled ones out there) from the supermarket. It's provided hours of fun and games and best of all kept us cool. The obvious danger warnings are necessary but a quick dip soon brings your temperature under control. We also have a great public park nearby with a water area. We headed over on Monday with our swimming costumes and high factor sun cream for a good splash around. I'm in no way attempting to lecture, but don't forget hats and high UV sun factor (applied well in advance of sun exposure) to keep safe in the sun.

3) Reduce the layers. The sun can make sleeping uncomfortable for everyone but I have found that using shorty pyjamas for the Little Lady and a vest with a low tog Grobag for the baby has meant that they have both slept soundly (jinx, touch wood - whatever please don't make tonight the night where sleep is broken).

4) As well as raiding the dodgy dressing up section of the Little Lady's bedroom for a rudimentary flapping fan to keep us cool (one her mom brought on a visit to some far off Spanish land years ago but has been repurposed for Flamenco dancing), we have an oscillating tower fan. We followed a tip of using ice cold water in front of the fan to disperse cool air rather than just circulating the already hot air. You can immediately feel the effect and the pretend breeze brings some relief.

5) And finally, one for the dog. As well as avoiding walking the pooch in the heat, I make sure there is plenty of cold water for him to lap up. His favourite treat is frozen gravy. It doesn't last long when he gets going on it but making up a batch of gravy in a container and freezing it over night keeps him entertained and cool. And of course, once the dog's got his ice lolly, the Little Lady and Daddy need one too!


What are your top tips for keeping cool in the heat?

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