Cyberstalking 'Linked To Online Addiction' Say Experts

The Huffington Post UK | Press Association | Posted 20.04.2015 | UK Tech

Cyberstalking behaviour can be linked to people suffering an online addiction, who increasingly lose touch with the real world because they are tapped...

Living in 'Law Limbo' as the Target of Stalking Trolls? - I Should Know

Nicola Brookes | Posted 15.06.2015 | UK
Nicola Brookes

Criminal trolls are winning the fight on the net. Unchallenged on website platforms that provide their secure domain, facilitating them. Offenders know networks won't identify or prevent them voluntarily and stretched police won't pursue them properly, if at all. 

Knowing the Difference Between Love and Stalking Could Save Your Life

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 15.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Raj Persaud

Today, around half of all stalkers are ex-partners, and up to one in four of the population have suffered from being stalked. So many people start relationships not realising that the particular kind of possessive love exhibited by obsessional lovers, could turn romance into a nightmare.

Road to Perdition

John Giacobbi | Posted 26.04.2012 | UK
John Giacobbi

In case anyone thinks that they can evade the consequences of their cyber-crimes by going on an endless tour of the M25, I'm afraid I've got bad news for you - the High Court decreed this week that writs could now be served via, you guessed-it... Facebook.