After Years Of Hardship, Guys Are Taking Revenge By Stealing Their Girlfriends' Hoodies

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 03.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle

For years and years, women across the world have been stealing their boyfriends’ hoodies in a bid to keep warm. But now, the guys want revenge. In a...

What to Do With The Little S***'s?

Julie Creffield | Posted 14.09.2014 | UK Sport
Julie Creffield

He had to call out "Fatty Must Run" and then roll around laughing and soaking up the admiration of his dad and his friends... I often find myself the victim of abuse from these children not even out of primary school yet. What compels them to be so mean?

It's SO Unfair!

Nick Abbot | Posted 21.04.2014 | UK Comedy
Nick Abbot

The kids are revolting. And they are revolting against stereotyping by the media. That is so typical of them, what with their whining and their egotism and their thinking that they are the centre of the universe. Unless that is stereotyping, in which case I take it back (and taking things back is typical of the lilly-livered, spineless middle aged).

The Nature and Nurture of Generation Y

Nick Clements | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Nick Clements

Without much justification we expect Generation Y to respect and trust us, they don't, and they are pretty suspicious of our motives. As the older, more wise, generation we need to show young people respect and trust, and then they will show it to us.

The BEACH Project: Looking Beneath the Hood of British Teens

Sophie Turton | Posted 22.04.2013 | UK
Sophie Turton

Negativity may sell newspapers but at what cost to the positive progression of our society?

WATCH: Hoodie Walks Into A Lamppost

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.11.2012 | UK Comedy

Ah, there are few sights more joyous in the modern world than that of a jumped-up little berk losing face by walking into a lamppost. And this 24-seco...

Is This A Hoodie-Wearing 'Ghost' Caught On CCTV Vaulting Over Car? (PICTURE, VIDEO)

SWNS | Sara C Nelson | Posted 10.08.2012 | UK

A couple who set up a CCTV camera to try and frame vandals damaging their cars certainly did catch a hoodie on film - but they think he is a GHOST. ...

Weekend Shopping: The Tracksuit Trend WitWeekend Shopping: The Tracksuit Trend With Exclusive Styling Ideas From Fellow Adi-Fan, Alexis Knoxh Exclusive Styling Ideas From Fellow Adi-fan, Alexis Knox

Sarah McGiven | Posted 02.05.2012 | UK Style
Sarah McGiven

This weekend I'm tracksuit shopping - old school Adidas tracksuit shopping, to be specific. I'm going all out for the classic three-stripe, totally man-made matching numbers that made such a lasting impression on me when the likes of Run DMC popularised them in the mid-1980s and have been sneaking into my wardrobe ever since.

Get a Sweat On With A Public Nuisance, the Bad Boys of Vintage

Sarah McGiven | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Style
Sarah McGiven

Despite the sports luxe trend's focus on easy to wear leisure pieces in beautiful but generally wholly unsuitable fabrics - leather, silk, satin etc - the humble jersey sweatshirt remains a go-to, reliable unisex basic.

Do We Still 'Hug a Hoodie?'

Jasdev Singh Rai | Posted 11.10.2011 | UK
Jasdev Singh Rai

A year after Blair backed a ban on hoodies, Cameron made a tearful speech calling on society to 'understand the hoodie'. He became the 'hug a hoodie' ...