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On Behalf of One in Five Women of a Certain Age, I'm Throwing Down a Gauntlet to the Press

Paula Coston | Posted 05.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Paula Coston

not many childless women are yet willing to be spotlighted in the press, but that's partly because the press don't treat them as newsworthy, feature-worthy, in the first place. If they don't feel valued, it's a vicious circle. And yes, some of the key messages are hard to hear.

Goodbye 2013: The Year Social Media Arrived

Kenny McDonald | Posted 12.03.2014 | UK Tech
Kenny McDonald

If the success of my mate Andy's Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs and the resulting media interest is anything to go by, then 2013 was th...

Generation Zero: How a Culture of Casualisation in the Media Is Affecting Young People

Aalia Khan | Posted 21.10.2013 | UK Politics
Aalia Khan

The reality of life on a zero-hour contract in this industry is grim. The working hours that are prescribed varies greatly. Due to the 24-hour nature of news and entertainment, staff are contracted to work a certain number of days on and off in the week. Zero-hour contract holders are not so lucky...

On Female Nudity

Elizabeth Mizon | Posted 10.04.2013 | Home
Elizabeth Mizon

The naked body. Our instinct is to bloody love 'em. Looking at one, touching one, being wrapped up in and by one. Mm. Damn. Such sensuality, intimacy...

'It's No Game' - The Reaction to Endgame:Syria

Tomas Rawlings | Posted 23.03.2013 | UK Tech
Tomas Rawlings

As a games designer I wanted to explore issues in the real world and it is natural for me to turn to the medium of games to do that. Making a game exploring an ongoing war was always going to get a reaction, though this was not our motivation.