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It's Time To Treat Erotic Models As People

Jane Williams | Posted 11.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Jane Williams

I am trans, I'm also an ambitious and well educated woman with a higher degree. However, like many trans women post transition, I've found that barriers to working as a professional abound. My mother, a feminist, politician and writer taught me to aspire to be the best I could possibly be. Consequently I trained as an educator, working in universities, colleges and schools.

Models Of Diversity

Rachel Steeden | Posted 17.07.2017 | UK Style
Rachel Steeden

As a make up artist, it is my job to follow the brief for the shoot and view the models' outfits so I can compliment the make up to it. Angel Sinclair, who was directing the shoot, specifically asked for a very natural spring/spring/summer look.

Calvin Klein Stars 73-Year-Old Model Lauren Hutton In Latest Campaign (And It's Incredible)

The Huffington Post | Susan Devaney | Posted 19.04.2017 | UK Style

Calvin Klein’s latest women’s underwear campaign features models from diverse age range from 18 to 73. Released yesterday (Tuesday), the campaign...

The Invisible Women - Our Culture's Obsession With Youth

Rebecca Lightbody | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rebecca Lightbody

Young women have an acute understanding of what the power of youth means, particularly when it comes to sexuality. Youth is something that is so sought after - we long to be able to capture our physical youth through beauty products and surgery.

Nicki Minaj Signs A Major Modelling Contract Like The Queen She Is

The Huffington Post | Susan Devaney | Posted 29.03.2017 | UK Style

Nicki Minaj has signed a modelling contract with Wilhelmina Models. As part of Wilhelmina’s celebrity division, the rapper will add another creative...

Jillian Mercado: 'It Was An Amazing Experience To Be Part Of Beyoncé’s World'

The Huffington Post | Susan Devaney | Posted 16.03.2017 | UK Style

Jillian Mercado is hell-bent on seeing change. After starring in Beyoncé’s campaign for her World Formation Tour merchandise last year Mercado, a ...

We Are Beautiful Just The Way We Are. Age Is Just A Number

Nicola Griffin | Posted 16.02.2017 | UK Style
Nicola Griffin

banner It is truly about time that today's society included all females of any age and any size. What a fantastic message to send to young girls that it's fine to be curvy, it's acceptable to have a rolly tummy and it's amazing to have grey hair. Love your self, Believe in your self, we are all unique.

Model Re-Captions Instagram Photos To Reveal The 'Truth Behind The Shot'

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK Style

A model has edited the captions on her Instagram shots to reveal the pressure felt by many women in the fashion and beauty industries. Jazz Egger, who...

My Body, My Rules: Why I Won't Let Anyone Dictate What I Should Look Like

Charli Howard | Posted 13.08.2017 | UK Style
Charli Howard

I'm only human. I'm not designed to starve myself to fit into anyone else's standards of beauty. And, model-wise or not, I certainly do not deserve to be told what body shape of mine someone else prefers. Let me assure you, trying to stay that thin is a LIFESTYLE, not an existence, and certainly not something I ever wish to recreate.

Iranian Models Forced To Cover Up & Publicly Declare Regret

The Huffington Post | Sara C Nelson | Posted 17.05.2016 | UK

A top Iranian model has been charged with “promoting western promiscuity” after posting pictures of herself on Instagram without a headscarf. Elha...

Modelling: Introducing the 'Inbetweeners'

Charli Howard | Posted 27.04.2017 | UK Style
Charli Howard

Let's stop segregating models by their measurements. Let's stop letting hip sizes dictate whether someone is model-worthy or not. Let's start finding more Maya's and Barbara's, and bring modeling back to what it's best at: discovering charismatic, unique and beautiful faces, that all women can aspire to.

Nursing: The Real Picture

Ali Lomas | Posted 24.02.2017 | UK
Ali Lomas

As a former model and photographer, I have trodden the catwalk during London Fashion Week, photographed an editorial shoot for Elle magazine, and was the youngest person to exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery. In 2013, I gave all this up to become an emergency nurse. A career that couldn't be more different from the one that I started in. Polar opposite in fact...

This Model Just Gave Us The Maddest Trump Conspiracy Theory Yet

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 24.02.2016 | UK

Taking a break from London Fashion Week, US-based model Rain Dove dropped by The Huffington Post UK to discuss all things fashion, diversity and of co...

Brooklyn Beckham Photographing Burberry - Celebs in Fashion is Nothing New

Neely Reyes | Posted 02.02.2017 | UK Style
Neely Reyes

The world is a different place, modelling agencies adapted to the change so maybe it's time everyone else did too. With the internet being such an integral part of all our lives almost everyone in business is now operating in a global marketplace

Page Three, Feminism and Me: What I Learned From a Glamour Model

Charli Howard | Posted 28.01.2017 | UK Style
Charli Howard

There is nothing anti-feminist about wanting to look good or be desired, for yourself or for male attention. But there is something wrong when a self-proclaimed feminist tells other women how to behave.

Why Is the Fashion Industry So Black and White?

Rachel Steeden | Posted 12.11.2016 | UK Style
Rachel Steeden

The fashion industry can make a change on how beauty is perceived and in turn I would hope in everyday life people would judge someone on them as a person, not to be judged on skin colour.

Frights, Late Nights and Delivery Delights

Charlotte de Carle | Posted 28.10.2016 | UK Style
Charlotte de Carle

It's late October, so we all know what that means... and no, this is not a reference to how many sleeps it is before christmas! Seriously! Its the fear time of the year, its Halloween, and this year I had the pleasure of attending Thorpe Parks Fright Nights.

Why You Should Take Models' "Online Crusades" With a Pinch of Salt

Neely Reyes | Posted 19.10.2016 | UK Style
Neely Reyes

My agency works with some of the biggest brands on the high street - Topshop, River Island, Selfridges just to name a few. The majority of our models are a size 8 or a size 10 yet they work regularly with these brands because it's about a healthy, well-proportioned figure. In fact, we only represent one size six model and she is finding it almost impossible to get work because she's just too thin!

'Playboy' - The Naked Truth

Amy Christophers | Posted 14.10.2016 | UK
Amy Christophers

Yesterday, Playboy has decided it will no longer publish nude photos. For me, as a model who spent 10 years in the world of glamour - this is a sad day. It's a sad day because doing nude photos for me, was a choice, a decision I made in my career and one, which I am still incredibly proud of. However, the news breaking has made me think.

Fashion Week Advice

Tamsin Carter | Posted 13.09.2016 | UK Style
Tamsin Carter

Fashion Week always has me feeling full of both excitement and dread, as I know I'll be seeing casting director after casting director and still I won't book a fraction of shows I went up for. But is it all worth it? Absolutely, Fashion Week is amazing - plus you never know - that one show could make your whole career.

Meet The Model With 'The Longest Legs In The West'

Barcroft Media | Posted 08.09.2015 | UK Lifestyle

A model is making huge strides in her career with the longest legs in West America, measuring 49 inches. Lauren Williams, 25, has been beating her...

Rosy Cherrington

Why The Fashion Industry Needs More Transgender Models | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 15.06.2016 | UK Style

Transgender models are finally having their moment - with more fashion brands than ever embracing the fact that beauty comes in every different form. ...

The Model With No Teeth Or Hair Who Is Making Strides In The Fashion World

The Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Style

A woman with a rare genetic disorder has revealed how modelling has injected her life with confidence. Former fine art student Melanie Gaydos live...

What It Takes To Be A Model, According To The 80s

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 27.08.2015 | UK Style

Perms, high-cut bikinis, and a whole lot of aerobics gear... it can only be the 80s, and what better way to learn how to model than taking cues from t...

Alleged Price Fixing Among Top Modelling Agencies Isn't Surprising - They Have a Track Record

Neely Reyes | Posted 17.08.2016 | UK Style
Neely Reyes

As much as the large agencies have used their size to push their competitors around, what they haven't been able to do is control the direction that fashion and retail has headed. The problem they face is that the modelling industry is changing; the price of model bookings has dropped because the demand for website imagery has increased.