How My Stepfather's Colon Cancer Taught Us How to Be More Resilient

Dana Fletcher | Posted 03.12.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Dana Fletcher

Would you like to know what I have learned? Maybe, just maybe, there is a certain strength in weakness. Anyone who has had a family member with Cancer knows very well that this disease will push you to - and beyond - your emotional limits. But maybe such pain is a reality we must all be prepared to experience in some form?

Travel Is..: What I Experienced On My Solo Quest To Southeast Asia.

Lucy Wilson | Posted 12.08.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Lucy Wilson

Travel is being independent and going along with my gut instincts. It's about trusting and building a relationship with myself. Travel is about finding myself as a person.

My Dead Brother....

Gina Lyons | Posted 25.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Gina Lyons

I often feel a connection to people when I find out they have lost a sibling. Its the forgotten thing. We talk about people losing their parents or children, but we don't really discuss what its like to lose a sibling.

A Reluctantly Pessimistic Interpretation of Moby-Dick

Ioan Marc Jones | Posted 12.11.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ioan Marc Jones

Walter Benjamin once said that 'it is not books that live inside the reader, it is he who lives inside them.' The aforementioned Swansonian interpretation of Moby-Dick is utterly representative of the man...

An American Entrepreneur in London

Adele Barlow | Posted 03.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Adele Barlow

When I stereotype the American startup founders I've met in London, I notice the gene that they seem to share with Penny - that American go-getter "shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" mindset. (Somewhere, my British friends are rolling their eyes at that cheesy quote.) Americans don't seem scared of their own idealism, whereas in British culture, I find brazen optimism often equated with stupidity.

Lessons of Loss

Leah Gasson | Posted 11.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Leah Gasson

I will always miss Nanny Carol, who gate-crashed weddings and fed her dog caviar and who danced in the kitchen and used words without caution, but I'll always have had her in my life, and her wonderful madness is etched, eternally, into my genes.

100 Happy Days Challenge: Empowering or a Waste of Time?

Bev James | Posted 10.06.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Bev James

By starting the 100 happy Days Challenge, you will spot happy moments, which will appear more and more as you train your mind, your RAS, to pay attention to them. Eventually, what you choose to pay attention to may have a strong-hold on the way that you view the world, and how you respond to it.

Cynicism Killed the Cat - A Plea for Optimism!

Paul Charlton | Posted 11.05.2014 | UK Comedy
Paul Charlton

Cynicism's had its day; it's time for pragmatic optimism. I'm rallying the troops and you're the first for the press gang!

Forget Happiness! Why Flourishing Is the New (More Sustainable) Happy

Cheryl Rickman | Posted 09.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Cheryl Rickman

Happiness. It's something everyone strives for. It (along with good health) is the ultimate goal, the holy grail of a good life.

I Am Little Red (and White) Riding Hood

Daniel Parker | Posted 27.01.2014 | UK Sport
Daniel Parker

Supporting Sunderland is like living in a fairy-tale. Before you interject and say: "Who is this clown? He must be a lunatic, let's bottle him", let me elaborate. I don't mean fairy-tales in the modern sense. I mean the original works.

Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Jayne Morris | Posted 03.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jayne Morris

By replacing old negative thought patterns with new positive ones you create new neurological pathways and can literally rewire your brain. It is as simple as noticing your thoughts, identifying whether they are supportive and then choosing to change anything that might be holding you back.

Choose Hope Over Fear

Liberty Forrest | Posted 15.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Liberty Forrest

I've been having a ridiculously difficult time in recent weeks. Months, really. Okay, longer than that, but that's not the point. Lately, it's been especially hard and to be honest, I came apart last week, not something I do easily or often, let me tell you. To be honest, I can't remember when I last ended up in that terrible place.

Discovering Hope

Deborah C Dooley | Posted 16.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Deborah C Dooley

Only his feet were left, abandoned by their predator, in the grass. I felt sad as I looked at them, remembering his loud and frequent voice, now hushed for ever. Gingerly I picked up the dismembered limbs, fighting nausea. How could this have happened? I wondered.

Ed Miliband and the Politics of Optimism

Mike Ion | Posted 16.08.2013 | UK Politics
Mike Ion

Ed Miliband is fast approaching the time when, as Leader, he will need to ensure that the Labour party addresses its own progressive deficit, to be clearer about who we are, who we were and whom we want to become

Don't Complain if You Don't Show Up...

Vivi Friedgut | Posted 04.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Vivi Friedgut

What we know for sure, what we know for certain, is that destiny is in our hands as never before. We know that if knowledge is power then economic knowledge must be economic power and we are certain that those who raise their knowledge will be at a distinct advantage. Those that don't grab it will only have themselves to blame.

It's Time to Wake Up and Smell the Optimism

Mark Fletcher-Brown | Posted 05.03.2013 | UK
Mark Fletcher-Brown

As long as people (and the media) focus on doom and the possibility of doom, then people will read about it, talk about it and wait for it to happen.

Inspired By Olympics?

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah O'Meara | Posted 20.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle

There will be few people today who aren't going to miss the feel-good factor of the Games. If you weren't moved to tears by the achievements of med...

Can Being Optimistic Help You Live Longer?

The Huffington Post UK | Kyrsty Hazell | Posted 18.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle

Looking on the bright side of life not only boosts your mood – it could also help you live longer, claims a recent study. The study, conducted b...

Being Hyper Guggenheim

Laila Escartín-Sorjonen | Posted 21.03.2012 | Home
Laila Escartín-Sorjonen

Helsinki is split into two: the pro-Guggenheim league and the anti-Guggenheim one.

UK 2012 -Time To Change The Record

Mark Fletcher-Brown | Posted 25.02.2012 | UK
Mark Fletcher-Brown

Hope is a delicate flower. For the young it can die quickly and the resulting despair can be very destructive. Once lost it may never return.

Want To Make Britain Happy? Appoint A Niggle Tsar

Mark Fletcher-Brown | Posted 19.02.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Mark Fletcher-Brown

When John Lennon said that life was what happened when you were busy making other plans, he was being wildly optimistic. Life, all too often, seems to be governed by the day-to-day texture of niggles, anxieties and minor worries.

Feeling Good - That Could all Change in a Blink

Mark Fletcher-Brown | Posted 30.12.2011 | UK
Mark Fletcher-Brown

Did the Euro crisis make you feel unhappy? What about the earthquake in Turkey? The Bristol murder case? The weather?

Time to Invest in the Optimists

Julian Dobson | Posted 12.12.2011 | UK Politics
Julian Dobson

If David Cameron really wants to build a more optimistic country, he needs to invest in the people with ideas that will create lasting change. He needs to invest in the optimists.

Study: Britain Is A Nation Of Optimistic Thinkers

Kyrsty Hazell | Posted 10.12.2011 | UK Lifestyle

Contrary to our reputation for moaning, four in five Brits are optimists, according to new research by the University College London. The study fo...

Let's Keep Optimism in its Box

Hillsage | Posted 03.10.2011 | UK

The first signs of it usually appear around March. There you are wondering around your local garden centre, or pootling up the aisle of the supermarke...