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Iranian Pharrell Williams Fans Arrested For 'Happy' Tribute Video

First Brit To Be Convicted Of Syria Terror Was Sent Message From Wife Saying 'Go Die'

Universities Serving Unstunned Halal Meat To Unaware Students

Conspiracy Theories Swirl Around Pope Francis' Visit To Holy Land

Yet Another Ukip Candidate In Outrageous Anti-Muslim Rant

The Pope Just Made A Really Awkward Typo On Twitter, Things Got Sexual

'Separation Of Church And Hate' Sign Offers Wonderful Message To Religious Bigots

More Than A Billion People 'Hold Anti-Semitic Views' -- Guess Where Britain Ranked

Satanic 'Black Mass' At Harvard University Cancelled After Outcry

Doh! Church Uses ‘Blacked-Up' Mannequin to Promote Christian Aid Week (PICTURES)

'Stop Being So Selfish!': Pope Francis Calls On Governments To Help The Poor

Christian Lobbyist Promises 'National Boycott' For Any Team That Drafts Openly Gay Michael Sam Into NFL

Halal Row: Tory MPs Back Law Change

Guess What Was Channel 4's Most Complained About Programme?

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