Ryan Adams

Clapham Calling - How the Hives Stole the Show From Noel Gallagher

Cohan Chew | Posted 06.07.2016 | UK Entertainment
Cohan Chew

Just for the record, I must state that there is no bigger fan of Noel Gallagher than myself. Indeed, my unhealthy idolization of the man's prolific so...

Ryan Adams: Gifted With Something Gold

Aaron Vallely | Posted 10.01.2015 | UK Entertainment
Aaron Vallely

This album opens with the single, "Gimme Something Good". The video for which features sex-symbol and actress, or 'scream queen', Elvira.

Are You Ready for the Country?

Greg Rose | Posted 20.01.2013 | UK Entertainment
Greg Rose

There is a natural wariness that takes over whenever anybody asks: "Do you like country music?" As if by admitting to yourself that you like any songs from a genre that spans the majority of Western music means you immediately have to put on a stetson hat and chew on some straw.

Lit-Hop: Best Ever Songs Inspired By Books

Posted 14.04.2012 | Home

Once upon a time, poets and writers were the rock stars of their day. Women swooned at the feet of Lord Byron like he was Elvis. Men read about the...