03/01/2014 07:58 GMT | Updated 05/03/2014 05:59 GMT

New Year Conservation Resolutions

It's that time of year of again when we promise to ourselves what we're going to change about our lives in the New Year- usually consisting of anything from quitting smoking to losing weight. We all make these resolutions, but only the survival of the fittest, the best of the crop, the most willing; see them out to the end. Today is the day that we fight this curse or rather lack of motivation and make resolutions that matter, resolutions that are for change, resolutions that give back!


Image courtesy of Artis Rams

Looking back at some articles on Frontier's blog from this year it's easy to get an idea what actions we can do at home to ensure we take the right small steps towards a big difference.

Going meatless once a week - the benefits of this are wider and bigger than you may think. It's good for your health, and is proven to reduce colon cancer. It would also do great things for the environment reducing fresh water usages, releases of CO2 into the atmosphere and hopefully reducing food wastage.

Controlling water usage - freshwater is crucial to our existence, without it we wouldn't exist. Reduce your water wastage and usage; turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth, wait until you have a bowl full of dishes before cleaning them, and reduce the length of your showers.

Saving energy - with energy prices on the rise this is the perfect time to save your energy and save yourself some money. Don't leave lights on in rooms you're not using and turn off switches at the mains so there is not a continuous stream of electricity going into an un-used object.

Recycle -marine wildlife is suffering drastically from sea pollution. Animals living thousands of miles away from humanity are even affected: plastic is the biggest issue because it takes thousands of years to degrade. Recycle and bin everything, don't litter, and i'm sure you will make a huge difference.

Leave the car at home - when you can, leave the car at home and take public transport to work. This will possibly save you money and save the environment. Walk or cycle where possible, it will be incredible for your fitness. Cutting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is hugely important to saving the environment; by decreasing the usage of your car you will reduce your annual CO2 emissions drastically. It's a step in the right direction.

Do your bit for the environment and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. New Year's resolutions, when applied to seriously, can really come out on top. By adapting your resolutions to have a conservational tone will give them extra meaning and provide them with a real cause. Make 2014 the year of environmental awareness, come out of the blocks with a real focus in mind of what role you will play in the protection our planet in the New Year.

Author Ed Hawes works for Frontier, an international non-profit volunteering NGO with over 300 dedicated conservation, development and adventure projects worldwide. See more from projects and volunteer on Frontier's blog and the Frontier Official Facebook page.