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10 Essential Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

For those traveling with technology, check out these 10 ways to enhance your experience.

For those traveling with technology, check out these 10 ways to enhance your experience.

Before You Go

This app allows the forgetful traveler to create lists either from scratch or from a template created when you input your destination, duration, and traveling companions. Lists are separated by category, and include the option of adding reminders for those tricky last-minute items.

Still having trouble deciding what to pack? This app provides updated, accurate weather predictions for any of two million international locations. Whether it be sunscreen or an umbrella, WeatherPro will keep you informed.

This app allows you to input your dates of travel and destination information in order to personalize an alarm clock to help ease the effects of jet-lag. You'll be able to gradually change your sleep patterns before departing in attempt to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Out & About

4. GateGuru (free):

GateGuru will give you the inside scoop on unfamiliar airports. This app utilizes user-submitted data to provide you with the best places to eat, up to date security wait times and flight statuses, and airport maps. All this information is customized to your itinerary, meaning that you'll get updates relevant to the terminal you're departing from. It's also handy for those dropping or picking someone up from the airport to check flight schedules.

For the traveler looking to avoid data roaming charges (and without Wi-Fi), this handy app provides a city guide for 80 major international locations. Every restaurant, attraction or hotel that can be found on TripAdvisor for each location can be found on this mobile app.

This conversion app goes above and beyond. In addition to updated currency information, The Converted also helps travelers with metric-imperial conversions.

WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, voice memos and even GPS tags internationally for free. This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family without breaking the bank.

8. Vocre (free):

Speak a phrase in your native tongue and Vocre will translate that phrase into a language of your choice. Your phone will speak and write the phrase you have requested, making communication quick and easy in a pinch. Keep in mind that although this app is free, you will have to purchase credits for each translation. So use it wisely!

For those traveling alone, or just unfamiliar with local numbers, Help Call provides an easy to use interface for emergency situations. If you are unable at the time of your emergency to press the large Police, Fire, Friend, or Ambulance button, Help Call enables you to request local assistance by simply shaking your phone.

10. Postagram (free):

A traveler's twist on a popular favorite, Postagram allows travelers to snap a photo and send a personalized postcard to loved ones back home. For a small fee, travelers can send international postcards that will arrive in the recipient's actual mailbox.

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