Ten Modes of Transportation that are Anything but Boring

Travelling is fun. Travelling in a bizarre way you've never done before is even more fun! If you want to make the most of your journey why not travel in style on some of these awesome, whacky and downright crazy ways to get around abroad!

Travelling is fun. Travelling in a bizarre way you've never done before is even more fun! If you want to make the most of your journey why not travel in style on some of these awesome, whacky and downright crazy ways to get around abroad!

Maglev Train - Shanghai

Want to travel at over 400KmH suspended above a single track entirely by magnets? Yes!? ... Oh ok then, the Maglev (magnetic levitation) train in Shanghai is most definitely for you. It's the quickest way to connect to the airport or in fact anywhere it goes to, with a single ticket costing around ¥50 and a 30 trip travel card costing ¥900.

Let's slow it right down and get the escalator. This 20 minute long ride in Hong Kong is relaxing and best of all, free. If you're not a thrill seeker and want to save your energy during a day of sightseeing, step on and drift in style.

Amfibus - Netherlands

Image courtesy of Abdallahh

If you get either car sick or sea sick, then avoid this bus at all costs. If neither of those apply to you, grab yourself a ticket for an amphibious bus tour for around €22.50 for an adult and sail and ride in all the luxury of bus comfort.

Monte Toboggan Sled - Madeira

Image courtesy of Claus Rebler

Two men in Madeira running down a hill 'steering' a bamboo sofa with two tourists sitting in it unbelted sounds completely... err... safe. Yes, very safe. Get your ticket to this sub-tropical joyride for a mere €15, and then eat some delicious Madeira cake afterwards to celebrate your survival.

Elevated Train - Wuppertal, Germany

Image courtesy of Flowizm

Ah that's better. We're in Germany now, home of immaculately punctual and well maintained public transport for a ride on a train. But this is no regular train. It's suspended by the roof above the streets of Wuppertal to give you a wonderfully enjoyable and intimate view of town as you get around. What's really great is the ticket cost: a paltry €1.50 - €2.50.

Long-Tail Boat - Thailand

Image courtesy of Mark Fischer

You may be wondering where all the quirky south-east Asian transport is on this list. Well wonder no more, because we're about to travel through south-east Asia on an ethical adventure trail on some rather fun vehicles. First up is the eponymous long-tailed boat in Thailand. These lovely looking boats are often seen off the coast of many a Thai beach resort travelling between various gorgeous Thai islands. Tours can cost anywhere from 1000-5000 Thai Bart.

'Nori' Bamboo Train - Cambodia

Image courtesy of Paul Arps

After a relaxing boat ride the best way to spice up your adventure trail in south-east Asia is to hop on a poorly constructed bamboo train running on tracks that haven't seen maintenance or a safety check in years, powered by a petrol engine scavenged from an unknown vehicle. Well you're in Cambodia now so you may as well do as Cambodians do, right? It's only $5 so you can hardly say no to this unique, authentic experience.

Cyclo - Vietnam

Image courtesy of Mark Roy

Having survived something you could happily describe as a death-trap, a nice Vietnamese person cycling you around Hanoi probably feels as safe as having afternoon tea at your Nan's. It's actually a really great way to get around and see parts of the old city, and certainly quicker than cars most of the time. A short trip might cost you VND$20,000 and a full 2 hour tour might be around VND$200,000, but definitely haggle.

Chicken Bus - Central America

Image courtesy of Angie Harms

It's called a chicken bus because you may well be sharing your seat with a box of live chickens, or maybe, a goat. They aren't fussy about who's buying the ticket in Central America and these old American school busses left over from before the revolution are an interesting way of getting around. Depending on where you are a trip can cost as little as 25 cents.

Dog Sleds - Canada

Image courtesy of EveryDamnNameIsInUse

The last entry on this list is arguably not a reliable way to get around, or even a method of transport in Canada for tourists at least, but it's so fun it just had to be here! There are several Canadian and North American ski resorts offering husky sled rides if you're looking for a true winter wonderland experience and prices vary so expect to pay anywhere from $200-$500 depending on where you are, and how long the ride is.

Happy trails!

Tempted? I bet. Experience the Cambodian bamboo trains yourself by volunteering and travelling around the country! Frontier runs over 300 dedicated conservation, community and adventure projects worldwide, so you have plenty of opportunites to try some of these wacky travel methods yourself!

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