15/04/2009 16:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Who (Or What) Did Your Fetus Look Like?

All newborns look like deformed lizards. For whatever reason, parents
just don't realise it (otherwise, why would they take the screaming little
izard home from the hospital with them?) But what about before they come out of the womb? Who -- or what -- do they look like while inside? There have been a couple of instances of Jesus showing up (although that first one could have just as easily been a poodle -- or a guy I knew in college).

Surely, however, there have been other things spotted in an ultrasound besides gods and goddesses, yes? Why, yes, there have been. How about an Amy Winehouse or Edvard Munsch's painting, The Scream? Sure enough, they've shown up in ultrasounds one time or another. And then there's the fan and a pair of beanbags.

Has anyone else spotted anything in their ultrasound that didn't look like a baby-to-be? I don't think we ever had anything like that show up, although my mother-in-law is convinced my oldest son wave at her while she was watching an ultrasound. What did you see on the screen?