21/04/2009 13:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bono: I Embarass My Children

It may be hard to imagine growing weary of U2 front man Bono, but according to the Daily Mail, the rock star has to work at impressing his two teenage daughters.

Bono admits he is guilty of the same parental fate as most parents -- his children think he's embarrassing.

Bono, 48, has two daughters, Jordan, 19, and Memphis Eve, 17, with wife Ali Hewson, and says his children cringed and rolled their eyes at the music he played at the band's after-party for their recent tour.

He also says Jordan and Memphis Eve feared he would 'bore the butts off" Beyonce and Jay-Z when they came to stay at the family home in St. Tropez.

He says of Jordan: "I went in to get some wine out of the fridge and I heard her talking to her friends, because she loves Jay-Z and Beyonce. And I heard her saying, 'He's probably boring their a***s off talking about Africa.' And actually I think I was at the time. Not boring their a***s off...Actually, I probably was."Bono also adds, "There was a funny moment on the last tour when there were formal objections by our kids to some of the music that was being played at the after show party."

But this isn't the first time celeb parents have mortified their children. Kate Winslet recently told the ladies of The View that her 8 year-old daughter Mia rolls her eyes at her mum's all-black wardrobe, and Reese Witherspoon told Parents magazine that her daughter Ava, 9, is "mortified" when the actress sings in public.

And Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's kids Isabella, 9, and Connor, 12, have said they are so mortified by their famous folks that they won't let them pick them up from school. Says Kidman, "They even tried to change their last name, and they say, 'Don't come to our school. Whatever you do, don't come.'"

Who knew--celeb parents: Just like us!