01/05/2009 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Adjusting To A New Sibling

I worried a lot about how my toddler would adjust when we brought his baby brother home, and we've had a few ups and downs in that department. There have been some piteous cries of NO FEEDING DIWWAN WIGHT NOW and some tantrumy outbursts, but over time Riley's become pretty accepting of our new family dynamic.

Lately he's started involving Dylan in most of the weird, elaborate stories he likes to tell us about how he's gonna get in a FIRE TRUCK and drive it alllll the way to the BEACH to see the WATER and MUMMY and DADDY and DYLAN are going to come TOO. He also likes to ask whether or not Dylan has a "tiny" version of whatever we're all talking about, as in "Dylan need a tiny SANDWICH, Mummy?" while I'm making Riley lunch, or "Dylan has a tiny TOOTHBRUSH?" as he's getting ready for bed.

I've seen photos of toddlers adoringly cradling their baby brothers or sisters and I've wondered whether I gave birth to a different kind of older kid -- specifically one who shows no particular interest in holding a baby, nor frankly should be trusted not to absentmindedly drop him to the floor or curiously poke him in the eyesocket -- but even though I don't have the loving family portrait to prove the existence of young brotherly affection, the other day Riley looked at Dylan, looked at me, and announced apropos of nothing, "I YIKE Dylan, Mummy!"

Good enough for me.