19/06/2009 09:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Child Arrested For Squabbling With Sibling

File this one under "You really couldn't make it up".

As we've discussed before, sibling arguments are really par for the course when you have more than one child. Sometimes these arguments get physical and may need an adult to step in. Other times they will sort themselves out, hopefully with no lasting injuries.

But recently, two young sisters in America have been investigated by police for fighting in the playground. And it was the ten-year-old who was eventually arrested and charged with assault for beating up her thirteen year old sister.

It's unknown how their argument started, but by the time the girls arrived back home they'd patched up their differences. However, a concerned onlooker who'd witnessed the playground fight had reported them to the police. The police decided that this was a case of family violence and that state law meant they had to take some type of action.

After examining the girls' injuries, police felt that the older girl seemed to have got the worst of it, so they took her little sister into custody. The girls' mother, Rhonda Greene, says she's concerned about how the arrest may have "scarred" her 10-year-old. I'm not surprised.

The question that springs to mind is: if this onlooker was so concerned, why didn't they step in there and then to help the girls and stop the fight before anyone got injured? They must have known who the girls were to be able to direct the police to their door.

What do you think? What would you do if you saw two children fighting in a playground? Are all sibling fights naturally harmless or not?

Source [ParentDish US]