19/06/2009 16:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Warning: Mel Gibson And Pregnant Girlfriend Could Bring On Morning Sickness

Excuse me while I throw up everyone. I've just read that 105-year-old Mel Gibson has written a love song with his 39-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Oksansa Grigorieva. Bleugh!

Call me a miserable c*w, but that's just too sickly sweet isn't it? I mean, send the scan pictures to your family and friends, sure, but spare us the love songs.

Robyn Gibson, Mel's wife of 29 years, and mother to seven of his children, filed for divorce only two months ago, though the pair had separated three years ago. Despite time passing, I doubt Robyn will feel too great about either Oksana's pregnancy or this public lovefest.
Perhaps that's what is making me feel so nauseous, the fact that there is a good woman who's done time with her man through rough waters, now looking after his existing children while dealing with his very public new love-life and expected baby. Let's hope Robyn doesn't give a stuff.

Did anyone see the pictures of Ronnie Wood and his 20-something girlfriend canoodling in the park this week? Same thing. Ronnie and long-suffering wife Jo have fine upstanding kids between them, but I wouldn't be surprised if we heard news of a new baby Wood before too long, if that relationship lasts.

Oksana already has a son, 11, with actor Timothy Dalton. Gibson owns the record label that's releasing her first album, surprise surprise.

The single Mel co-wrote with Oksana is called "Say My Name", which you can listen to here (though I imagine you have a hundred better things to do with the next five minutes of your life).