03/07/2009 05:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mathew Williamson For H&Amp;M - Pregnant Fashionistas Can Join In Too!

News alert! Thanks to their voluminous shapes and light fabrics, pregnant women will fit into many of the styles in the new Matthew Williamson for H&M summer range, landing in H&M stores around the world this week.

Williamson, a celebrity designer favourite, is famous for his glamorous, brightly coloured and ultra-feminine collections.

The feted designer launched his new H&M summer range in New York 10 days ago at a star-studded bash attended by Helena Christensen, Mary Kate Olsen, Lucy Liu, Grace Jones and his muse Sienna Miller.

If you've ever thought that maternity clothes are, well, a little bit plain and kind of mumsy you'll be thrilled to hear the news that there's treasure for you too in the new range. It proves once again that you don't need to step aside while the fashion train passes through town just because you're having a baby.

Yes, high street stores such as H&M, Gap and Dorothy Perkins have decent maternity ranges, but there's no need to limit yourselves to those, as good as they are. This is especially true for this Summer, as a key fashion story is a loose, ultra-soft silhouette in light, silky fabrics– perfect maternity wear in hot months.

Williamson's Summer range has a luxury, bohemian, hang out on the beach feel, and includes billowy silk tunics, kaftans and wrap dresses in a kaleidoscope of colours. Granted, not every piece in the collection is suitable - avoid the panelled dresses for example – but there are definitely options. I love this colourful tunic pictured here, there's definitely room for a baby bump and it's as far from dowdy as you could get.

In his best PR speak Williamson says: "I think that perhaps as a reaction to the grey cold climate of England and the stark Manchester cityscape I craved colour and exoticism. I want to share a glimpse of the Matthew Williamson world with H&M customers, by creating an aspirational lifestyle collection which is both exotic and fashion forward, providing the perfect wardrobe options for Summer 2009."

A perfect wardrobe option, if you choose carefully, for pregnant fashion fans too!

The range will be available in 1600 H&M stores worldwide from 14th May.

Have you found great pieces in the mainstream fashion collections suitable for maternity wear? Spill the beans here...