12/07/2009 10:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Sits GCSE Exam Four Days After Giving Birth

What were you doing four days after giving birth for the first time? Struggling to get dressed by the end of the day, if you were anything like me.

Well Nicki Sherwood, from Shoreham, managed to sit a GCSE exam four days after her baby daughter Isabelle made an appearance.

Mrs Sherwood, aged 30, had been taking evening classes in GCSE psychology since last September. She discovered she was pregnant just days before starting the classes.

She went ahead and sat the exam – in a special room of her own, in case she needed to breastfeed Isabelle.

I find this mightily impressive as I'm not sure I could remember my own name four days after giving birth to my daughter.

The only thing I could focus on was food and when the next chunk of sleep was coming from.

Mrs Sherwood, a pharmacist, told the Brighton Argus: ""I realised then I would be due around exam time but I really wanted to do the course because I work in mental health and it was something which really interested me.

"I spoke to my tutors and decided to go ahead with it but on the basis I might not take the exams if it became too much.

"Of course, as the course went on I got more determined to finish it."

Her tutors were worried she might go into labour during the exam itself but after a five-hour labour she gave birth to Isabelle on Thursday, June 11.

She even managed to fit in some last-minute revision on the Sunday night before the exam.

"I think the exam went quite well but it was quite difficult to concentrate, I'm not sure how well I will have done," Mrs Sherwood told the Argus.

"At the end of the day I was so pleased to be sitting the exam at all that whatever I get I will be chuffed."

The star student was being predicted an A* grade by her tutors – let's hope she gets it!

Source: The Brighton Argus