20/07/2009 06:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dr Miriam Stoppard Maternity Bras: ParentDish Review

Maternity bras are a whole new world of wonder for women to enter into as soon as their Michael Bublés start taking over their upper body. It can be a strange experience, entering that world where an F Cup means you're on the small side, and ribcages expand seemingly over-night.

As always, Dr Miriam Stoppard is on hand to help out, with this affordable twin-pack of cotton and lace maternity bras for £20.

In the name of science, I agreed to put the bras through their paces, to see just how they stack up at maintaining a maternal rack.

Probably my favourite maternity bra so far is the Hotmilk "She Craved a Little Decadence" turquoise and blue number. The great thing about it is that it is pretty enough for you not to be ashamed should the straps poke out from under your vest top - something that some of the larger-strapped old-skool boulder holders can't compete with.

But for everyday wear, and for something that isn't quite so visible under t-shirts (all those frills tend to spoil a smooth line), these Dr Miriam Stoppard bras have proved invaluable.

Design-wise they strike me as a little old-fashioned - something I can imagine my mother wearing in the 80s - what with all that lace and the lack of obligatory thin padding that seems mandatory on all modern bras. But they're not ugly by any means, and they're a far cry from my Rigby and Peller bra, which looks more like something from the Great War (it's no wonder they've now discontinued it - it may be gravity defying, but it's also sex appeal defying).

If you're looking for a new old faithful, this is definitely a double-pack to consider. The straps won't put you to shame in company, and when it comes to support and comfort, I'd say they combine the best of both worlds, offering a secure feeling without threatening to break your ribs.

Plenty of hook and eyes on the back mean they should last you through that magical ribcage expansion I've heard so much about, making them great value for money.

Dr Miriam Stoppard Maternity Bra double pack £20 from Debenhams.