28/07/2009 09:12 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Food Recalled After Boy Chokes On Plastic

Food company Heinz has recalled a batch of baby food after a nine-month-old boy choked on a piece of plastic.

Oliver Barrow, from Cumbria, started choking and turned bright red while eating Heinz Mum's Own Recipe spaghetti bolognese.

Luckily his father David, who was feeding him, acted quickly and patted him on the back to dislodge the jagged piece of plastic, which was bigger than a postage stamp.

Heinz has now recalled part of an isolated batch of the food (read on for more details).

This must have been scary for the parents and the little boy and it's lucky he came to no real harm.

It's a very common fear for parents that their baby is going to choke on something. It's bad enough without worrying about bits of plastic in their food.

These incidents are rare but it does highlight that if you're feeding your baby a jar of food, you don't really know for sure what's in it...

Oliver's mother, Rachel Davies, told the Daily Mail: "It was lucky it never came to the worst. We were worried that the same thing might happen to someone else's baby."

Some 200g jars of Heinz Mum's Own Recipe spaghetti bolognese seven-months-plus baby food have been recalled.

The company has warned parents not to use jars with the code 9136 on the top of the cap and a 'best before' date of 11/2010 on the side of the cap.

Company spokesman Nigel Dickie said: 'Heinz has informed the UK and Irish food authorities about the precautionary action and advertisements are appearing in the national media to advise parents and carers of the recall.

'Heinz is carrying out a full investigation of the incident to ensure it does not reoccur and apologises for any inconvenience caused.'

• Call the Heinz UK Careline on 08000 151557 for a full refund, or in the Republic of Ireland, 1800 696979.