29/07/2009 13:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Real Life Swine Flu Dilemma - Mums Respond

Real life dilemma: "I'm nearly 11 weeks pregnant. I'm due to take part in an event at Dulwich Festival in two weeks' time, but Dulwich is the location of the Alleyn's School Swine Flu outbreak that's been all over the news recently. The school has been closed, six cases of Swine Flu confirmed, infected children quarantined and all parents in the school given Tamiflu drugs in case it spreads to their families.

Thing is, it's exactly these families that will be at Dulwich Festival, probably the largest gathering of Dulwich residents in the year. I don't know whether to go along or stay away.

What would you do?"

Mums respond:

I would keep a close eye on what's happening. Nobody would blame you for pulling out. I'd definitely take some advice, but generally if by the time of the festival the school has re-opened and things seem back to normal I might be tempted to go. If it's still closed then don't go. If it was me, and I had gone and the unthinkable happened, well the pregnancy is too important and I wouldn't risk that situation.

You should trust your instincts. I think something quite primitive kicks in when you get pregnant and you can often just know what is right and wrong for you and the baby. And even if you caught it and it doesn't affect the baby you don't want to feel poorly. You want to feel healthy and strong.
Sarah, mum of triplets - 3 yrs.

I wouldn't go - festivals come and go but pregnancies are precious.
Eleni, mum of two - 7yrs and 9yrs.

I'd stay away, its just not worth the worry, whether or not there is any risk! The first 12 weeks are the most important for your baby's development – and it can be a fragile time for a new mum-to-be. Stay at home and put your feet up!
Lu, mum of one - 1yr

I would go armed with wet wipes and some hand sanitizer stuff. I assume that the event will be mostly outdoors rather than in stuffy rooms so less likely to pass germs around as long as you are careful what you touch and keep hands etc clean.
Ruth, mum of newborn - 5 weeks.

I didn't even have to think about this – I wouldn't go. However small the risk would be, there does seem to be a risk and I know I'd never forgive myself if I got it and something happened to me or my baby. I'm not usually like this, but the first trimester in pregnancy is when the baby is most vulnerable, and I'd do everything I could to keep safe without going overboard.
Tammy, mum of one - 10 months.

Hmm, well given that your performance is two weeks away and the school has already been quarantined and parents and children treated accordingly, I think I would go and enjoy myself. You'll also be just past the first trimester so beany will be cooking nicely and less vulnerable than perhaps if you were in the earlier weeks of pregnancy. If you think the worry will stress you out more, then of course stay home and cocoon yourself away, but I doubt the risk ( if there is any) outweighs the fun you will have taking part in the event.
Suzanne, mum of two, 5yrs and 1yr

I am a little split. Part of me thinks I would stay away, but the other part thinks if anyone is that contagious they won't be there but at home. As long as you feel well in yourself and stay away from anyone who looks poorly you should be fine.
Mary, mum of one, 12yrs

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