28/08/2009 13:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Term, New Lunchbox

I don't know about you, but towards the end of the summer term I get fed up to the back teeth of doing the same old packed lunches every day. Sometimes you just run out of ideas, so it's a relief not to have to think of something new every day that's nutritious and acceptable to fussy offspring, but also easy to prepare.

Obviously, I do feed my children during the school holidays, but it doesn't feel like such a hassle when we can be more flexible and go at our own pace. Plus we don't have a 'No Nuts' policy at home.

So with the new term starting, what's new in the lunchbox arena? For starters, take a look at this cutesy little melamine box on the right from specialists in adorable stuff for kids, Pinks and Green. They're made by fair trade Danish company Rice, are unbreakable and dishwasher proof, and best of all don't have any cartoon characters who'll shout at you when you're making a jam buttie at 7am. You can see the rest of the range here.

Also new for lunchboxes and designed to make life easier for you:

  • Little Yeos are a new range of small pots of creamy yoghurt just launched by Yeo Valley Organic. Though they're designed for toddlers, their small size makes them ideal for primary school aged children as part of a packed lunch. And crucially - they're easy to open. Most schools will not have enough lunchtime helpers to sort out everybody's yoggie pots, so do make sure that your child can open whatever you give them, confidently.
  • Frujies are part of a new range of fruit in jelly produced by Hartleys. No preservatives, no artificial colours or flavourings, no need to refrigerate, just bung 'em in the lunchbox and tick it off as one of your five a day. Simples.
  • Personalised lunchboxes - if your child really won't be persuaded away from the cartoon characters, but you still want them to stand out from the crowd, you can always get them a lunchbox with their name embossed on the front.
  • Lunch box notes If you want something slightly twee to make your children think you have finally lost it, look no further than these. Also an easy way to win the award for Most Embarrassing Parent Ever. Official.