01/09/2009 11:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Top 10 Moses Baskets

When you're drawing up your list of essentials to buy for the arrival of your newborn baby, a moses basket is likely to feature high up on the list. The 'portable soft bed' can be a bit of a lifesaver when carrying around your sleeping baby, and most come with a stand for when you arrive back home.

Buying a moses basket can seem fairly intimidating with the huge range available, but there's something for everyone in terms of budget, style, and flexibility.

This classic Moses Basket from is £69 and the blanket is included. The neutral colouring should appeal to parents that want to avoid the stereotypical blues and pinks too.

Here are 9 more pastel perfect Moses baskets:

Stardust Moses Basket, (left, top row) £59,
Izziwotnot Luxury Wicker Moses Basket, (centre, top row) £75,
Please look after me Moses Basket, (right, top row) £49.99,
Winnie the Pooh Moses Basket, (left, middle row) £45.49
Bunny Moses Basket, (centre, middle row) £37,
White Moses basket, (right, middle row) £39.99,
Lollipop Lane Tiddly Wink Safari Moses Basket, (left, bottom row) £76.95,
Palm Moses Basket, (centre, bottom row) £29.99,
Babystyle Lolas Garden Moses Basket, (right, bottom row) £35.99,