11/09/2009 12:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Revolution In Education: Edge's Six Steps To Change

With an election looming, the next five years of education are being decided now. So now is the time to have your say about what you would like to change.

Edge's revolution campaign is giving people a voice on education – and making sure it gets heard in all the right places. We've been asking people of all ages how they would like see education being delivered. And they are telling us change is needed:

• four in ten parents want mass change in the current education system to ensure that their children are given the best opportunities to succeed in the future*
• 43 per cent of 11-19 year olds say they find school boring or irrelevant*.

Edge believes children should find school relevant and inspiring – helping them discover their individual talents, accessing many options and paths to success. Many people now recognise that hands-on and real world experience is vital in preparing children for adult life. To make sure this happens in every school, they are calling for a more balanced curriculum with greater choice, involving practical and vocational learning alongside academic study....Edge's Six Steps to Change Manifesto outlines the key changes that can make this happen:

1. Give young students the opportunity to learn in the real world and be inspired by experts.

2. Replace SATs with a profile of a student's abilities, interests and motivation which the student and parents can contribute to as well as teachers.

3. At 14, let students choose a pathway which matches their aspirations.

4. Ensure all practical and vocational courses are taught in excellent facilities by teachers with relevant real world experience.

5. At 16, students must be able to specialise further or change pathways.

6. Create more centers of vocational excellence in higher education, with the full involvement of employers.

- Tell us what you think needs to change in education

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