28/09/2009 04:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Breastfeeding On The Go

Breastfeeding is not, contrary to popular opinion, a skill that you either automatically have or don't. The majority of new mothers have to be taught how to breastfeed, and the baby will need to learn too. Those that do decide to go ahead with breastfeeding and wish to continue a life outside of the house have the pick of various accessories and products that will enable an easier feed for you and the baby.

For anyone hoping to leave the house within the first 6 months or take a break occasionally, a breast pump is essential. The Medela Harmony is currently being showered with praised for it's speedy expression with little pressure or pain. You can buy it from Mothercare for £24.99.

Here are a few more products to make on the go breastfeeding a smooth and easy process.

Breastfeeding mums also worry about the embarrassing situation of queuing up in the supermarket, only to look down and notice an attractive wet patch growing over your breast. To avoid this, Mothercare have a range of breast pads, including the LilyPadz which are prices at £14.99. The benefit of these particular ones is that they create a 'seal' over the nipple, rather than just absorbing, so there's no chance of any leakage.

The BabaSling above is a multipurpose sling which can be used for breastfeeding, changing, and carrying in several different ways. It comes in a few different colours, though this purple one is a pretty yet practical choice. It's also wide enough to provide a decent enough cover if you prefer a little privacy when breastfeeding in public. You can buy it from their website for £39.95.

For the whole travelling package, Avent have bought out the Avent ISIS Breastpump Out & About Set for £41.95. The set comes with a breast pump, shoulder bag, two 125 ml and 250ml storage bottles, two newborn teats, two dome packs and two ice packs to keep the milk cool. You'll also find some breast pads in there too.

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