05/10/2009 04:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Babies Without Nappies - Is It Really Possible To Potty Train A New Baby?

One of the things you tend to assume when you have a baby is that changing nappies is a non-negotiable part of the parenting equation. I remember reading when my first child was born that a newborn baby should have 8-10 changes a day. As an uncertain, novice mum I would sit in the evening and try to count up if I'd done the required number. I was always too tired to remember, and felt bad if it seemed like I wasn't doing it right.

A big part of at least the first two years of your child's life will see you becoming fairly intimately acquainted with the contents of their bowels. We might not like changing nappies, but it's got to be done, probably by you.

Or does it? Well, not according to parents who support a theory known as Elimination Communication AKA babies without nappies. It's long been practised in India and Africa and growing in popularity in the West.

If your mother in law insists that all her children were potty trained by 9 months, you may have just dismissed this as selective memory loss and vowed to hide the sherry next time she visits.

But Elimination Communication, also known as Infant Potty Training, suggests that this is entirely achievable. The theory behind EC basically suggests that it is possible to train even a very young baby to let you know when it wants to pee or poop. You then hold baby over the loo or potty until the deed is done. You never need to have a nappy touching your little darling's tush. Essentially it's potty training from birth. The theory suggest that even very young babies know when they need to go, and once you can work out when they're communicating this, you can be prepared.

Want to give it a try? Here's one blogger's experience of life without nappies. Given that we are all supposed to be reducing, reusing and recycling, and many nappies are getting greener anyway, perhaps this is the ultimate eco-friendly solution for new parents.

Would you try Elimination Communication with your baby? Is it the natural way or just a load of old poop? Let us know!