11/10/2009 04:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Morning Sickness Aids: What Works?

Morning sickness is one of the less appealing side effects of pregnancy. Spending hours on the big white telephone is no ones idea of fun, but there are plenty of suggestions floating around on how to combat it.

Some of the idea's are frankly bizarre, but some of them are good common sense too and completely safe for pregnancy.

Good To Know has put together a comprehensive list of the aids that will help you through the nauseous times. These are all suggestions that you can organise yourself, but if none of them work it may be worth visiting your doctor to see if they can prescribe anything to alleviate the symptoms.

Here are their suggestions, feel free to add your own!

1) Eat little and often

Don't overload your stomach with rich food. Plain, low fat, carb based food is your best option.

2) Drink lots, but be careful what you drink
Water and fruit juices are great, but coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks will only dehydrate you which will make it harder for your body to cope if you do feel ill.

3) Dry crackers, rusks, and biscuits are your friends
They're gentle on your stomach and will fill you up.

4) Get plenty of sleep
You'll need all the energy you can get so try and get as much sleep as possible.

5) Ginger does work, but it's best taken in tablet or capsule form
It tends to be a little too strong for most women in food or drink form, and gets to the root of the problem faster as a tablet.

6) Vitamins can be beneficial
Especially vitamins B6 and B12. Check with your doctor before you start taking them though.

7) Dig out those anti-sickness wristbands from your last holiday
The acupressure on your wrists has the same effect whether you're on a rocky boat or suffering from morning sickness.

8) Take a walk
The fresh air will be good for you, and walking is a great exercise to take up during pregnancy to prepare for the birth.

Do you have any great tips? What worked for you?

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