20/10/2009 08:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sarah Jane Bibs: Bibs That Save You Time And Money

I visited my first ever Baby Show on Friday, based in the huge halls of Earls Court. Whilst I'm no stranger to browsing dozens of products, visiting The Baby Show is a whole new kettle of fish. Products ranged from prams and toys to baby and maternity outfits, and prices ranged from budget friendly to the seriously expensive.

There were a couple of products that really stood out for me though. The first product I encountered was a Sarah Jane bib.

I'd recently been speaking to a friend about bibs and how often she had to wash them, so I was intrigued by claim that their products don't require washing, drying, and are stain resistant. On closer inspection, it turns out the solution to the bib (like the cupcake design on the right for £19.95) is the leather material.

Here are a few more benefits of the clever design.

The bib itself is wipe clean, so rather than wash 5-6 bibs a week, you can simply wipe off any food that misses your baby's mouth. It also has a strong magnetic flap at the back to keep it around your baby's neck, which also means you don't get their hair caught in any poppers, Velcro or ribbons. The other benefit of the magnets is that you can pop it on the fridge door for the next feed.

The bib comes in a range of designs, and each bib features a pocket for catching any loose food. The designs themselves are really contemporary. You can choose a bib from the various categories including Go (machines), Animal, Score (sports), Bugs, Fresh (food) Aqua, Mod and Nature.

The Daisy design on the left is particularly cute and comes from the Nature range. All the bibs are priced at £19.95, which may seem a lot from a bib but it's worth considering the time and practical benefits, plus the fact that it's made from real leather.

The baby bibs are designed to fit children aged 3-36 months, and the range of toddler bibs can fit up to 4 years thanks to its adjustable magnetic clasp.