20/10/2009 05:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Baby Directory: Local Parenting Information

One of the things I've discovered over time, and in writing for ParentDish, is that a lot of the great classes, activities and parenting ideas are only located in certain areas. Telling you about an event happening in Oxford is pretty useless if you live in Devon or Scotland.

Which is why I'm liking The Baby Directories. These directories detail everything a parent will need from pregnancy up until the child is around 5-years-old, and there are 10 separate books to keep everyone happy and informed.

These books give you the details on pretty much everything baby related, including the contact numbers of your local nurseries and independent schools, the best shops, most useful websites and pampering pregnancy treatments.

Do they cover your location?
The 9 local editions cover the areas of London, Central, East, North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, South East, South West. The London edition is £3, and all the others are £2, with £1.50 P&P. Great if you live in England, but a bit rubbish for any other regions. Saying that, they do have plans to expand the range to cover these areas in the future.

It's an affordable directory to pop into your baby bag or have at home for a quick reference, or a useful stocking filler for any new parents. It's also worth checking out their website too, especially the Encyclopedia of Pregnancy, where you can check symptoms and activities during pregnancy.

You can order your local directory on their site or from most bookshops.