22/10/2009 07:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Charlotte Church's Daughter Has 'Fainting Condition'

Charlotte Church, the Welsh singer and TV presenter, has recently opened up about a condition her daughter has which causes her to faint.

The toddler, Ruby, holds her breath when having a tantrum. Unfortunately she holds her breath for so long that it leads to her losing consciousness.

Charlotte, who is mum to Ruby and son Dexter, explained that the condition is known as BHS - Breath Holding Spells. The first time it happened was "horrendous" for Charlotte and her boyfriend rugby player Gavin Henson. They rushed her to hospital, where they were told that this does happen in some children, but they tend to grow out of it by the age of three.

Charlotte and Gavin have now been taught to bring her back round by gently blowing on her face or splashing her with a little water. This would be worrying for most parents, and Charlotte and Gavin are no different. Luckily there have been no issues so far related to the fainting.

Charlotte spoke out about it at a charity fundraiser for a children's hospital in Cardiff. Experts believe that up to 5% of children suffer with BHS, although blacking out is less common, and as they're related to temper tantrums the children tend to grow out of it after the terrible twos.

Charlotte assured the other mums that she still manages to put her foot down with Ruby, especially regarding sweets and chocolates, even if it does pose an increased risk of provoking a tantrum.