28/10/2009 10:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Conceive Plus: New Product To Aid Conception

Conceiving is often not quite as straightforward as many would believe. Besides the health problems that affect some, other couples may find that their bodies are simply not quite creating the perfect baby-making environment that is required.

The makers of Conceive plus are hoping they can change that with their new fertility aid. Conceive Plus is a gel lubricant that is intended to scientifically aid couples in conception.

The claim is that the lubricant has a PH and electrolyte balanced formulation which should match normal body fluids, therefore creating a conception-friendly environment. It's the only lubricant of its kind to include Magnesium and Calcium ions, which are said to increase sperm vitality and also keeps cells as healthy as possible.

Is there medical proof that it works?

Well yes, sort of. The product has recently been backed up by a independent clinical study published by the ASRM conference (2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine) which has concluded that the added Magnesium and Calcium ions are beneficial in conception.

You can buy Conceive Plus at your local Boots store or online, so you can dodge the embarrassment factor if you don't usually use lubricants. The lubricant comes in a couple of different styles and sizes if you wanted to pack it away for a romantic trip away. The packaging itself is baby-friendly and subtle too, so you won't be too bothered if someone spots it in your bathroom cabinet.

Would you try a fertility friendly lubricant?