09/11/2009 12:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Want Better Schools

According to new research, English parents are seeking private school-style facilities for their state-educated children. The research conducted by independent education foundation Edge, has highlighted parents' wishes for better facilities, increased vocational support and better links with the employment industry.

What parents really want
While the government has pledged billions on improving schooling, parents want facilities that bring down the barriers between private and public school. This latest research, released to support the launch of Edge's two Academies, identified parents' wish lists for schools as follows:

• Schools to have kitchens for teaching (63)
• Swimming pool in the school (45)
• School recording studio (19)
• A startling majority of 79 would like to see business units on site where children can gain first-hand experience in enterprise.

Campaigning for change
When parents were asked what they would like included in Government initiatives, 60 felt more work experience was important.

• 41 of parents feel there is too much pressure for young people to go to university.
• 50% of parents support the programme to rebuild or renew virtually every secondary school in England.

Edge's Academies
Edge is trailblazing their schools for the future by sponsoring two new Academies: The Bulwell Academy in Nottingham and Milton Keynes Academy. As well as state of the art facilities including business hubs, they promise all students will have practical learning built into the curriculum, and will study some form of vocational course at the age of 14.

For more information on Edge's Academies please visit the official Edge website

Andy Powell, Chief Executive of Edge believes that Edge's Academies can set an example:
"Parents quite rightly want the best learning environment for their children and that includes facilities that in the past have only been available in the country's private schools. If designed and managed correctly, with a clear vision and with dedicated staff and sponsors, new build academies offer an opportunity to give pupils the type of learning they need using the right facilities.
"We hope that the Edge academies will provide a formula for others to learn from. We see them as leading the way as they recognise there are many paths to success and academic study alongside practical and vocational learning is the best combination for young people."

Join the campaign
Edge is campaigning for change and has produced its Six Steps to Change Manifesto, which believes that students on practical and vocational courses should be taught in specialist facilities or specialist institutions and by experienced, skilled staff.

Everyone can 'join the revolution' and to have their say on education by adding their voice.