19/11/2009 17:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Did You Go Nesting Crazy During Pregnancy? Fess Up!

As you read this on Friday morning, I'll be packing up the last of the boxes, moving out of our one-bedroom flat and moving into our new house.

Oh, and I'll be 37 weeks pregnant.

Yes, in spite of all the advice to the contrary, all those friends telling me not to put myself through it, we are moving house before the baby is born.

The plan had been to wait until the baby was a few months old before putting the flat on the market. But then an estate agent's leaflet came through the door saying that some buyers were desperate to buy on our road and the next thing I knew the flat was on the market and my husband was holding his head in his hands and resigning himself to his fate.

But I have an excuse!

I'm pregnant!

I'm currently overwhelmed by a very basic female need to build my baby a nest. Which is why I chose to put us through the trauma of selling our flat and buying a house we can't really afford. Which is why we now find ourselves moving 3 weeks before my due date...

Oh, and did I mention that I'm meant to be having a home birth? Yep, I don't do things by halves.

But what I've found most remarkable about all this stupidity is just how many women have been similarly afflicted. Plenty of people have earnestly advised me against moving house while pregnant, but that's because they put themselves through the very same misery and are keen to pass on the advice that they ignored during their own pregnancies.

It's only when you admit that you're moving 3 weeks before your official due date that the stories start coming out. Our very own Gia Milinovich went into labour on the day she exchanged and was signing contracts in her hospital bed. Meanwhile, another friend confessed that not only was he born on the day his dad moved them into the new family home, his own daughter was born on the day he moved into their new family home.

So it seems I'm not the only one out there making foolish decisions that are governed almost entirely by a need to build a nest. You certainly couldn't claim I'd put us all through this because it was the sensible option! But it takes a stronger woman than I to suppress the instincts that Mother Nature sees fit to furnish women the world over with.

Which is why, as you read this, I'll be crossing my legs and hoping that the keys arrive before the baby does.

Wish me luck! And feel free to make me feel better by fessing up to your own last-minute house moving antics.