11/12/2009 03:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Never Lose Baby Socks With Socks On

A few things in life are inevitable: someone will always pop round uninvited when your place is a mess, your dream shoes will always be in the sale in every size but your own, and your baby will always feel an urge to pull off and distribute their socks wherever you go.

Socks are an essential item of clothing to keep your little one's toes warm, but they have an excellent habit of wriggling off feet. I've spotted lone socks in parks, supermarkets and hospitals.

Now one woman has proved that having kids can lead to some of the best ideas, with her introduction of the Socks On product.
Socks On is a garment that you place on top of the socks to secure them in place. They're available in a Classic style, and a new 'Sneaker' style, and come in an assortment of colours to match the socks.

Pop them on over the socks and your baby will be unable to tug them off. They were designed by Kezi Levin, a young mother who juggles looking after her five kids with running her own graphic design business. Kezi fell upon the idea after chasing around after her own kids. She's since gone on to invent a couple of other products, including the Dribble On baby bib.

Kezi sounds like a promising Mumtrepreneur! What invention would you create if you could?