17/12/2009 17:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Real Life Story: "I Was Nervous About My Exam Results, And There Was Another Test Result To Think About Too!"

Sam King had more to think about than most other pupils in her class waiting for their GCSE results. She also suspected she might be pregnant. Here is her story...

When did you find out that you were pregnant?
I found out I was pregnant the day before receiving my GCSE results back in 2007.

I was very nervous about my results and thinking I was pregnant too just added to the nerves!

It was a very big shock, but I was very pleased after it had sunk in.

The first person I told was my mum. I did the pregnancy test alone but I had already told my mum and she was waiting outside for me to tell her.

Were you worried about how she'd react?
Yes I was very nervous! I didn't know what she was going to say with me only being 16 at the time.

So how did it go?
The whole family was very supportive, in fact my mum was probably the most helpful person to me throughout the pregnancy. My mum attended all the hospital, midwife and scan appointments with me and she was there at the birth too.

How was the birth?

The birth was quite straightforward. The hospital was great during the birth and after, but not so good right before I had the baby.

My daughter was born quite quickly. The hospital wouldn't listen to me and she was nearly born on their bathroom floor!

It was painful, but I coped well and I didn't need any pain relief. I named my little girl Ellie Joy.

My whole family have helped me out a lot with Ellie, especially my mum again.

Do you think you have ever been treated differently because you are a young mum?
A few people have treated me differently since having Ellie, such as some of my friends from school.

A few people have been negative about it all, but I wouldn't change the way things worked out. I think being younger I do have more energy to play with her and do things.

How is Ellie doing now?
Ellie is 20 months old now. She is doing very well, and is learning to talk. She speaks all the time now!

New things she has been saying recently are full sentences like 'look at me', and she has even been singing happy birthday!

She loves to read books. She also likes colouring, making cakes, watching Peppa Pig, and playing with her dolls.

Last question, were you happy with your GCSE results?

Yes I was very happy with my GCSE results. I am now at college studying bookkeeping.