05/01/2010 21:48 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

5 Bargain Children's DVD Boxsets

My inbox has recently seen a surge in emails from retailers desperate for me to spend, spend, spend in their sales.

Up until now, I've been pretty restrained, but the constant reminders are starting to grind me down and I've started to have a browse of what's on offer.

For me, the best offers this January are on entertainment products, in particular DVDs. Boxsets have dramatically dropped in price, music to the ears of any parent who wants an hour or two of peace and quiet.

Got some High School Musical fans in the house? This boxset of the first three movies is now only £9.99.

And that's not the only bargain.

Creature Comforts: Series 2 & Christmas Edition

Creature Comforts, from the makers of Wallace & Gromit, is a popular show with my family. A charming mixture of cute characters, real-life interviews and clever humour that tickles both adults and children.

It's available from for £3.99.

Peppa Pig: Vols 1-3

Younger children will probably prefer the animated adventures of Peppa Pig. This boxset from for £6.49 has all three of the first volumes.

Stuart Little 1, 2 3

Film fans might enjoy the chirpy attitude of talking mouse Stuart, especially at a price of £6.99.

Mr Bean Animated: 1-6 Box Set

Amazon are offering the entire animated story of the classic British eccentric, Mr Bean, for £17.98.